It’s on! A wedding is in your future and it’s time to announce your engagement. Don’t forget the engagement photo props!

You want to post a cute image on Instagram or share a few on your wedding website to let friends know you’re tying the knot. Maybe you prefer a romantic engagement photo to use as a save-the-date announcement.

Whatever option you choose, make your engagement photos extra special with props! Forget the traditional shots with the same, old poses. Props can create interesting and unique engagement pictures you’ll be proud to share.

What are the best engagement photo props?

customized wedding coasters announcing engagement

The props used for your engagement photo session should reflect your personalities. Are you fun-loving partners or big romantics? Do you have dedicated hobbies or are you obsessed with a pet?

Consider your props for engagement photos as accessories to make your photos a reflection of who you are. But don’t let them steal the show! Often small, discreet props can remove the stress of being in front of a camera. So, choose an item or items that make you feel comfortable.

10 charming engagement photo props

woman holding a customized mug for a wedding engagement

Selecting perfect engagement photo props is an important step in your wedding planning journey. You may already have ideas in mind. But if you don’t, I’m here to help!

Here are a few engagement photo prop ideas:

1. Custom mugs

Hooked on coffee or hot cocoa? This prop is for you! Picture yourselves getting cozy in a beautiful outdoor setting with gorgeous Campfire Mugs in your hands.

Place your names and wedding date on the mugs as a keepsake. Order 12 or more and give the extras to your wedding party as gifts!

2. Scrabble® tiles

This is an excellent engagement photo prop for gamers! If you don’t have a Scrabble® game, ask friends and relatives for one or use store-bought wooden alphabet tiles.

Spell out phrases such as “Save The Date,” “Love Story” or “I Do.” You can use your engagement ring for the “o” to add more interest. Place the tiles in the foreground as you embrace one another or kiss.

3. Pets

One of the most popular engagement photo ideas includes dogs or other pets. This can take some extra planning such as scheduling baths and grooming prior to the photo session. Bring along treats or pet toys to encourage and reward good behavior from your pet.

Let your pup reveal the surprise by wearing a cute Triangle Pet Bandana in the engagement photo.

4. Farms and barns

Hop on a tractor or mess around in the hay, it all makes good photos! Give each other a big smooch while sitting on the back of an old pickup truck in a field.

Country-themed props can be farm equipment, a pitchfork, hay bales, wagon wheels, cowboy hats and boots, and cows and horses. The sky is truly the limit here.

5. Custom banners

personalized wedding banner for engagement photos

Hold a small, colorful banner or hang one near you to happily announce “She said yes!” Personalized banners give you plenty of space to include your names, wedding date, a funny phrase or heartfelt message.

Get your money’s worth by also using your customized banner at your engagement party, bachelor/bachelorette celebration and wedding reception.

6. Books

If you’re free time is filled with your nose in a book, this idea is made for you! If your own collection includes multiple shelves of books, start posing! If not, try scheduling a photography session at a library or bookstore.

Engagement photo props would, of course, be stacks of books. Other prop ideas for those who love to read might include a library card or bookmark featuring your names and wedding date.

7. Sand and sun

Who doesn’t love the beach? You can’t go wrong with engagement photos taken along the water’s edge. And prop ideas for the beach are endless!

Nice props for a beach photo are sand toys, visors, inner tubes, can coolers, personalized beach towels, party sunglasses and sunscreen. Personalize your can coolers with a save-the-date message and partially bury them in the sand for a dramatic effect!

8. Coasters

Use custom coasters with your future wedding date to subtly announce your engagement. They can be positioned for fun photos at your favorite bar, a relaxing spa or wherever you and your partner sip beverages.

Tip: Order extra Round Foam Coasters printed with your wedding date to hand out at your bachelor and bachelorette parties!

9. Sports equipment

If you’re a big fan of football, baseball or any type of sport, don’t be shy. Let everyone know by adding sports props to your engagement photo!

Hockey sticks, golf balls, weights, basketballs — they’re all fantastic props to help you share your big news. Sports jerseys and custom hats also can assist in the big announcement.

Tip: Print your wedding date on stress balls in your favorite sport and use them as props in the engagement photo. Extras can serve as wedding favors. Your guests will love these!

The best locations for your engagement photos are sports venues, big or small, such as football stadiums and baseball diamonds. School athletic facilities might be options, too.

10. Movies

Are you an unapologetic Trekky? Do your dates always include theaters or Netflix? It’s all good! I’ve got plenty of photo and prop ideas for movie buffs about to wed.

Grab your photographer and head to the local cinema (after hours, of course!) or drive-in movie theater. You could even create your own backyard movie theater.

A few good props for movie lovers are stacks of DVDs, bowls of popcorn and a custom blanket. Ask around and you might just nab an old projector with film reels!

Engagement photo props are the secret to unique announcements

engagement photo with dog and personalized handkerchief

It’s true that most engagement photos look much the same. Photographers often get their photo ideas from others in the wedding industry.

Adding cute props can make your engagement photos different from everyone else’s and that’s important. Using customization for your props, as well as your guest favors and party supplies, will make your entire wedding uniquely yours.

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Relax and enjoy this precious time in your life. Best wishes from the Totally Wedding Koozies team!

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