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10 crazy fun wedding ideas

Want a wedding filled with crazy fun? Of course you do!

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with traditional customs. But a few off-the-wall ideas can draw loads of smiles from guests and make your day unique!

Feel free to hack a few of my favorite fun wedding ideas:

fun wedding idea - pre wedding field day

What better way to get your wedding party acquainted than a pre-wedding field day! Photo from

1.  Plan a pre-wedding “field day” – Your bridesmaids and groomsmen can mix it up while getting to know each other before the wedding bells ring!

fun wedding ideas - photo countdown

Tap into social media to remind your guests that your big day is on the horizon. By A Bride on a Budget

2. Say cheese! Periodically post photos on social media sites months prior to the big day to remind friends and relatives of your upcoming nuptials.

fun wedding idea - grandma flower girls

Mature girls can be wedding flower girls, too! Photo courtesy of Offbeat Bride

3.  Shake up tradition – Ask an adult — grandma, a favorite aunt or teacher — to scatter those petals! Flower girls don’t have to be under 6!

fun wedding idea - program bios

Brief bios of the wedding party help everyone get acquainted. By Bride2be.tumbler

4. Share the spotlight with your friends – Include in your program a short bio of each wedding party member to give them stardom on your big day and reduce the “Which one is the bride’s sister?” questions from guests.

fun wedding idea - kids packs

Give your youngest wedding attendees something to do. Their parents will love this! Totally Promotional’s Summer Wedding Inspiration

5.  Wow the kiddos – Keep the kids entertained with a small pack of crayons, paper and candy. This might not be the most original reception idea, but it’s one that will make a whole lot of kids and adults very happy.

fun wedding idea - cootie catchers

“Cootie catchers” can entertain guests as they discover tidbits about the bride and groom. Image by Etsy.

6. Flashback. Set a few “cootie catchers” at each reception table to challenge your guests’ knowledge of the bride and groom. A nice conversation starter!

fun wedding idea - bathroom sign photos

Post childhood photos of the bride and groom to amuse and direct your guests (particularly alcohol-impaired ones!) to the right bathroom.

7. Gather your 90’s photos – Hang funny and perhaps a few awkward photos of the wedding couple (at all ages) in various places at the reception such as on bathroom doors, the entranceway,  gift table and bar area.

fun wedding ideas - football garter toss

Let the bride’s garter go airborne on a football with a personal message to the recipient. Photo by Mon Cheri Bridals.

8. Mix up the garter toss – Why fling that garter by hand when you can send it sailing on a football or other flying object? Add a message and the “receiver” will garner a nice keepsake.

fun wedding ideas - gift bags

Do Not Disturb bags are very thoughtful gifts for your out-of-town guests. By Totally Promotional

9. Make a wedding welcome bag – Fill a bag from Totally Promotional with bottles of water, customized koozies® and a stylish Do Not Disturb sign as the perfect gift for guests planning an overnight stay.

fun wedding ideas - wedding cards binder

Keep those precious wedding cards in a secure binder to leaf through for years to come. Image by Etsy.

10.  Post-wedding idea: A small binder and a paper punch are all you need to corral your cards (and envelopes, if you desire) in one place! You and your sweetheart can scroll through the collection every five years or so for a lovely walk down memory lane!

That’s a mere sampling of the crazy fun things you can do to impress your guests and set the tone for a fantastic, memorable day!

fun wedding ideas

Let Totally Promotional help you boost the fun with wedding favors such as customized cups, koozies® and lip balm. You’ll love the funny sayings in our Design Gallery of templates, or we can help you create your own!

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      Hello Randi. So glad you liked the article! I have lots of nieces and nephews so I know how rowdy (or grumpy!) the little ones can get if they don’t have anything constructive to do. If there’s anything I can do to help you or your sister with her wedding plans, don’t hesitate to contact me or our customer service department. Best wishes!

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