As a marketer, your goal is to make an impact on potential customers and clients. What better way than to give them a custom-engraved pens?

Pens are such timeless gifts. They’re personal, practical and reusable. Engraved metal pens will be appreciated and reflect positively on you.

With so many types of pens available to you, it can be intimidating to find the right one. Well, we’ve done the legwork for you. Enjoy a little inside information about our line of engraved pens. Then browse our top items to leave a lasting impression on recipients!

The benefits of engraved pens

group of custom engraved pens in a pen holder

Read on to learn about all of the things that make personalized engraved pens perfect for your brand:


Many of these pens are laser engraved. That means your name or logo won’t wear off or fade over time. Laser engraving leaves a permanent mark on items so your imprint will last.


The engraving process exposes the metal underneath the pen. This means your imprint is metallic. Your custom pens will truly sparkle!


Engraving also gives a high-end look to your pens. Customers will feel they are getting something valuable and chic.


Laser engraving provides a more exact detail of your imprint. This is because the machines can reproduce each pixel in an image.

Boost advertising potential

Writing instruments with logos are kept for approximately nine months. During that time, customers will view your logo and be reminded of your business.

How can engraved pens be used for marketing?

Engraved pens are perfect for spreading brand awareness wherever you bring them. Here are top ways to market with engraved pen gifts:

  • Open houses
  • Job fairs
  • Weddings
  • Trade shows
  • State fairs
  • Networking events
  • Schools
  • Gifts

10 personalized engraved pens for your brand

Take a look at our top picks for fancy, engraved pens:

1. Ascent Stylus Pens

custom orange ascent stylus pen engraved with team logo

These fancy pens with engraved designs are just what your business needs. They include free delivery to the contiguous United States. These engravable pens also have a stylus to reduce fingerprints on touchscreen devices.

Order yours today in one of the many vibrant colors! Each one comes in a gift pouch to make them extra special.

2. Sharpie® S-Gel Champagne Barrel

sharpie s-gel champagne barrel engraved pen with company logo

This pen gift has a click-action plunger, making it easy to start writing. It has a contoured rubber grip so your clients can keep hold of it while writing notes or signing papers.

We offer black or blue ink for this custom pen. Check out the stylish blue accent that goes with the blue ink version!

3. Sharpie® S-Gel Gunmetal Barrel

personalized sharpe s-gel gunmetal barrel pen engraved

These personalized engraved pens are a great choice for your loyal employees! They have bleed- and smear-resistant ink so papers stay neat.

The metal barrel is durable and sleek. These brand-name Sharpie® pens are coated with a popular gunmetal finish that will turn heads!

4. Carriage Click Pens

personalized black carriage pen engraved with realtor business logo

These high-quality pens will be used for months while spreading your brand. They have stylish chrome accents that will shine next to your dazzling logo.

Order your custom pens in bulk to save money for your giveaways! You can customize them with your contact information to ensure people see and have it.

5. Tank Deluxe Silver Pen

personalized tank deluxe silver pen engraved with country club logo

This laser-engraving pen draws eyes to your brand! It is made with sturdy metal material to make your product last.

This custom pen has a slim design that fits in pockets and bags. The twist-action activation is smooth and effortless.

6. Master Pen

customized master pen engraved with business information

Looking for a reliable product that will spread the word about your business? Check out our personalized engraved Master Pens!

These are available in several shiny product colors. They also include free delivery to make your order even more affordable.

7. Scope Ballpoint Stylus Pen

Scope ballpoint stylus pen

Our Scope Ballpoint Stylus Pen is one of the best engraved pens for promoting your brand. The pen and stylus combination includes black ink with a chrome clip and trim.

Each is made with durable brass material and offer a convenient twist action.

8. Strange Stylus Pen

strange stylus pen customized with engraved logo

Order these engravable pens with black ink for your next trade show. Strange Stylus Pens have rubberized finishes to make them comfortable to hold and use.

Customers can close the pen to access a soft stylus for touchscreen devices! They can also be clipped to pockets or bags for use on the go.

9. Trenton Silver Pen

customized trenton silver pen with engraved logo

These fancy engraved pens come with chrome tips and accents to attract attention. Choose your favorite barrel color to match your event theme.

Trenton engraved pens are retractable to keep them from accidentally releasing ink in a pocket or bag. The plungers are sturdy so you can click them as much as you need!

10. Florida Light Stylus Pen

customized florida light stylus pen with engraved logo

One of our best engraved pens is this unique product! The Florida Light Stylus Pen is a twist-action writing instrument with a stylus. The stylus is also a button to activate the LED light under your imprint.

The soft rubber grippers cushion hands while they write. These pens have many color options so you can select your favorite.

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