In the digital age, it’s no surprise custom phone stands are what businesses need to reach target audiences. With such a large number of people using phones 24/7, portable phone stands can help boost your marketing initiatives.

In fact, adjustable phone stands can show off your message for a long time. Research shows that 57 percent of customers keep promotional products for over five years. Your small investment in custom cellphone stands will lead to big profits.

I’ve rounded up 10 custom phone holders that are ideal for any modern-day marketer. Read on to discover how each is tailored to meet your needs.

10 custom phone stands for your business

Here are the best cellphone stands and holders for a variety of devices:

1. Rubberized Phone Wallet With Kickstand

customized rubberized phone wallet with kickstand

Your clients will never worry about how to watch a video in public again! These custom phone stands have two pieces that pop back to make a kickstand. They can also hold items like our Pocket Earbuds when wrapped around the stand.

These silicone phone stands have thin pockets to hold cards, cash and more. They come in vibrant product colors to make them stand out. Enjoy a minimum order of 12 and free delivery!

2. Mobile Phone Stand

mobile phone stand with logo

Phones won’t slide off desks with this non-slip stand for a cellphone. It is made with sturdy plastic to easily support phones in many sizes.

The stand functions like an easel and is simple to set up. Taking it down is equally uncomplicated and it lays flat for storage.

Your one-color logo or message will be printed on the front for great visibility.

3. Collapsible Phone Grip and Stand

Collapsible phone grip and stand

Want a product for your clients that is portable and low-profile? This custom phone stand is perfect for you!

This nifty tech item is a phone grip and a stand in one! It’s made with sturdy plastic to hold up to daily use. Choose from a variety of popular colors.

4. Silicone Vent Phone Wallet With Stand

customized silicone vent phone wallet with stand

These unique stands attach phones to most straight car vents. They also stand up on tables and other stable surfaces. Everywhere they go, they increase brand awareness!

These stretch wallets hold a variety of items. Your clients can grab their phones and have everything they need to leave the house.

5. Stick Up Phone Stand

customized stick up phone stand with logo

Clients can take video calls wherever they are with a custom phone stand! The stands open like doors to prop devices. They are made with a lightweight, durable ABS plastic that won’t weigh phones down.

These phone stands for desks can be recycled when they reach the end of their lifespan.

6. Comfort Grip RFID Phone Wallet With Stand

promotional comfort grip rfid phone wallet with stand

These adjustable cellphone stands include RFID protection to block information theft on chipped cards. They also have sliding finger grips and foldable bars for propping up phones.

Our adjustable cellphone stands stick to phones with strong adhesive. Included is a sleek design with a cutout to pull out cards.

7. Phone Stand Cloud Stress Reliever

custom phone stand cloud stress reliever

These two-in-one cellphone desk stands are just what you need to promote your services! Your logo will be on the front where it will receive plenty of attention when placed in highly visible spots on desks.

The stretchy polyurethane material holds most phones securely. These custom phone stands can be used as stress balls when phones are removed.

8. Envelope Phone Wallet Stand

customized envelope wallet stand

Shop these portable phone stands as appreciation gifts for your workers. The wallets have snap closures to hold cards or cash safely. When opened, the flap also works as a stand for the phone.

This phone wallet style is a very affordable investment for employees and students.

9. Car Vent Phone Mount

personalized car vent phone mount

Clients won’t lose their phones in between seats with these car phone holders! Phones will stick to the vent mounts with two magnets. Your logo will get plenty of attention on the back of each phone.

The Car Vent Phone Mount is a safe option that allows drivers of all ages to keep their hands on the steering wheel.

10. Qi Certified Wireless Phone Charging Stand

customized qi certified wireless phone changing stand

This custom phone stand for desks simultaneously holds phones securely while charging them! The bold white color easily shows off your imprint. Each has a blue indicator light to show it is operating.

A Type-C charging cable is included. Also enjoy a low minimum order of 15.

FAQ: What are your best iPhone stands for desks?

custom phone stands in a coffee shop

Any of our regular stands will work for iPhones, but we also have special stands just for them!

Our Mag Max Magnetic Wireless Charger with Stand is compatible with iPhone 12, 13 and 13 Pro. It cradles them magnetically and charges them at the same time.

juice up your marketing campaign with custom chargers

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