Successful entrepreneurs know a lot about promotional items for business. But not all companies know why custom swag is important or how valuable it can be.

Our Totally Promotional team is happy to share their in-depth research! We talked to our customers and crunched the latest numbers from the promotional products industry to give you the best information available.

Take a look at the facts before planning your promotional products campaign. Then browse our complete list of top business promotional items for 2022.

What are promotional items for business?

Company promotional items are branded products businesses give away to potential customers, loyal clients and employees. Customized items help increase a company’s exposure, raise awareness, celebrate a milestone and so much more!

Promotional items for business help brands form stronger relationships with clients to boost their reputation and sales.

Research shows 94 percent of people like receiving promotional products. Additionally, 83 percent agree that promotional products make an experience more enjoyable.

What companies need promotional products?

All companies need promotional items for business! It really doesn’t matter if you’re selling products or offering services. Promotional products are an essential addition to reel in success.

Small business promotional items are especially important because they give growing brands the quick and lasting exposure they need. They work faster than word-of-mouth since people can see your logo at a glance.

Top 10 promotional items for business

Take a look at our list and then start customizing your products at Totally Promotional. Our affordable promotional products will make your brand outshine the competition.

1. Pens

custom pens with construction logo

Custom pens are a valuable asset for businesses because they’re used every single day. Promotional writing instruments can generate 3,000 impressions throughout their lifetime. Pens are ideal giveaways for trade shows because they are compact and portable.

You can’t beat the low cost of less than $1 per pen, vibrant colors and free delivery on many styles.

Bestseller: Bex Pen

2. Water bottles

custom green water bottle with fitness logo

Promote your gym with our affordable water bottles! Personalized drinkware generates 1,400 impressions throughout its lifetime. That’s like putting your marketing effort on steroids! People who use personalized water bottles daily will see your logo every time they take a sip.

We offer more than a dozen product colors and many material options such as plastic and metal. We also have high-quality, name-brand styles such as CamelBak®, Tervis®, Coleman® and Rubbermaid® water bottles.

Bestseller: 20 oz. Colored Plastic Sports and Bike Bottle

3. Tote bags

blue tote bag customized with tech logo

The average person keeps promotional bags for home, office and gym use for about 11 months. Tote bags are a popular trend among shoppers who want to cut back on using plastic bags. Custom tote bags are excellent for spreading the name of your grocery or clothing store.

Shop our custom tote bags for low minimums of 12, sturdy construction and styles to fit every taste. Check out our tote bag guide to ace your giveaways.

Bestseller: Polypropylene Budget Shopper Tote

4. Mugs

red custom ceramic mug with resort imprint

Custom mugs make meaningful gifts for employees and clients. They can be customized to use in restaurants and coffee houses for excellent branding. Your business will look very professional with personalized mugs showcasing your logo!

We have mugs for less than $4 each, low minimum quantities and popular sizes.

Bestseller: 13 oz. Ceramic Campfire Mugs

5. Lanyards

custom printed lanyard with black imprint

Personalized lanyards are excellent for identifying staff or beefing up security in the office or at events. Lanyards can even be given away with university colors and insignias for spirit week. Add different attachments or badge holders to these practical promotional items for business.

Custom lanyards are made from durable polyester material. They are offered in full length and as wrist lanyards. Choose from over 25 product colors, and enjoy free delivery and minimum quantities of 25.

Bestseller: ¾” Economy Polyester Lanyard

6. Tumblers

custom stainless steel tumbler with golf course logo

These business promotional items are perfect, long-lasting advertising tools! Promotional drinkware is kept for 12 months on average. Your clients will see your business name and logo every time they pour a drink.

Our tumblers are available in a wide variety of materials and styles, such as metal and stainless steel. Shop our personalized tumblers with lids and straws for added convenience.

Bestseller: 16 oz. Insulated Stainless Steel Tumbler

7. Can Coolers and Koozies®

marketing logo on a custom blue koozie

Customers will appreciate personalized can coolers to keep their drinks cold. They will bring them to parties and show off your logo to attendees.

Many of our Koozies® and can coolers include free delivery. See the options for slim, bottle and sleeve can coolers to fit various beverage containers. To really make a splash, check out our full-color can coolers.

Bestseller: Premium Foam Can Cooler

8. Backpacks

customized blue backpack with business logo

Get the most bang for your buck with our backpacks! Custom bags that cost less than $5 each have a CPI of under 2/10 of a cent. That makes these company promotional items well worth the investment!

Choose from sling, laptop, hiking and drawstring backpacks in amazing colors and styles. We have backpacks in sizes from small to extra-large.

Bestseller: Roll-Up Polyester Backpack

9. Keychains

custom keychain bottle opener for a bar and grill

Personalized keychains are inexpensive business promotional items that are practical and trendy. Use them to keep track of company keys or as effective trade show giveaways!

With over 20 product colors you’ll have no problem matching your brand. Keychains are a swag item your customers and employees will appreciate.

Bestseller: Handy Bottle Opener Key Ring

10. Hats

customized white hat with business logo

It’s no secret that people love receiving custom hats! Studies show 69 percent of consumers own and wear promotional headwear. Clients who wear hats with your logo are walking billboards for your company.

We have standard baseball caps, trucker hats, beanies, golf visors and other popular styles. Take advantage of free delivery and unique imprints such as embroidery.

Bestseller: Economy Cotton Twill Cap

How effective are promotional items for business?

Promotional items for businesses have been a successful marketing tool for more than a century. Nine out of 10 people agree that promotional products make experiences more memorable. Potential customers are more likely to remember you and use your services in the future.

Consumers get hit with advertising messages everywhere they go. Print ads, television and radio ads and other marketing tactics can be overwhelming. Promotional products, on the other hand, are welcome items. People love getting free stuff! That’s why they’ll always be a valuable asset for companies to use.

Reap the benefits of custom products by starting your order at Totally Promotional today!

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