Wedding color trends often surprise and amaze me. I’ve seen gorgeous color combinations and some that were, let’s say, a little ghastly.

If you’re tying the knot in the near future or just want to know what colors are trending, take a look at this year’s most popular color combinations via The Black Tux.

2017 Wedding Color Trends

metallic wedding colors

This one really shocked me: Neutrals & Metallics. When I think of metallics, I envision an ultra-modern look with a touch of bling. Neutrals, on the other hand, give an earthy feel. But when these colors blend, it’s like a match made in heaven!

Brides and grooms seeking a neutral and metallic wedding theme should target gold/bronze and silver/gray tones. I would also suggest using modest bursts of eggshell or ivory in floral bouquets, and a subtle rustic décor at the reception.

Suggested wedding favors/essentials:

metallic trendy wedding favors

  • Wedding Napkins –  Item: TWN101 Design ID#0837; product color/white; imprint color/shiny rose gold
  • Wedding Sunglasses – Item: WDB508; product color/black; imprint color/white

Blue and Blush Wedding Color trends

Oh, how romantic blue and blush are together! I’m not the only one mesmerized by these two. Samantha Morris of The Black Tux has also fallen in love.

“Personally, I favor the blue and blush combination,” she said. “There’s something so striking about a man in a blue suit, and blush dresses really pop when paired with navy.”

Morris said the color duo creates an elegant and classic feel that is perfect for a summer wedding.

“After all, nothing says summer like the color pink,” she added.

I thoroughly agree. It’s a fresh look that screams sophistication. Plus, other deep shades of blue would mesh well with blush for additional color options.

Suggested wedding favors/essentials:

blue and pink wedding favors

Green wedding trends

Pantone — the color czar — chose “Greenery” as its Color of the Year 2017. Experts at The Black Tux share the enthusiasm.

“Our most popular this year has been the earthy green palette,” Morris explained. “It creates a warm and natural feel to your big day.”

The sky’s the limit when choosing this shade: it makes a strong foundation on its own, or can equally share the spotlight with a number of other colors.

Suggested wedding favors/essentials:greenery wedding color trends

Share your wedding color trends

Colors that dominate weddings in our rural Ohio region aren’t necessarily taking the spotlight in Maine or Texas. We’d love to know what wedding color trends are hot in your city and state!  Just drop us a line in the comment section below.


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