Looking for a way to make your wine-drinking experiences more fun? Check out our funny wine glass sayings!

Witty wine sayings on glasses are perfect for adding humor to your next get-together. They also are a sure-fire way to engage guests and start conversations.

So browse through these fun sayings for wine glasses and choose a few of your favorites. Then visit the unique selection of cute wine glasses at Totally Promotional. You’ll find styles for every occasion, such as parties with friends and gifts for clients.

Don’t settle for plain and ordinary. Customize your wine glasses with whimsical quotes and let the party begin!

What are some good wine quotes?

wtf - wine tasting friends customized wine glasses

A good saying for wine glasses will make people smile. A great wine glass saying will leave oenophiles (real wine lovers!) rolling on the floor with laughter. As vino lovers know, wine humor is the best!

These funny wine glass sayings will look awesome on your favorite wine glasses:

35 fun wine glass sayings

  1. “You’re doing a grape job”
  2. “Another wine bites the dust”
  3. “You look like I need wine”
  4. “How Merlot can you go?”
  5. “Wine flies when you’re having fun”
  6. “Working nine to wine”
  7. “Smile, there’s wine”
  8. “Everything happens for a Riesling”
  9. “Pour me some liquid courage!”
  10. “I’m on cloud wine”
  11. “Time to wine down”
  12. “Hocus pocus, I need wine to focus”
  13. “Mama needs some wine”
  14. “It’s wine o’clock somewhere”
  15. “Love the wine you’re with”
  16. “Let’s sip back and relax”
  17. “Sips about to go down”
  18. “WTF — Wine Tasting Friends”
  19. “Her Wineness”
  20. “Working nine to wine”
  21. Where’s the finish wine?
  22. “Bitch less, wine more”
  23. “Save water, drink wine”
  24. “Sip happens”
  25. “Corks are for quitters”
  26. “Was dealing with people today”
  27. “No working during drinking hours”
  28. “Drunkin’ Grownups”
  29. “Wine with me”
  30. “Wine lovers age gracefully”
  31. “I make pour decisions”
  32. “Rise & Wine”
  33. “Wine: How classy people get wasted”
  34. “Grandma’s sippy cup”
  35. “Lemme drink about it”

Top 5 glasses for funny sayings with wine

customized wine glass with wine saying

You can literally find dozens of wine glass styles on the market today. Most are made specifically for different types of wines such as red and white varieties.

I personally look for classy “extras” such as twisted stems or other unique designs. One of my favorites is the 12 oz. Govino® Classic Wine Glass with its side notch for thumb gripping. I also enjoy the low-profile look of stemless styles such as the 16.75 oz. Stemless Wine Glass and the gorgeous 9 oz. Stemless Stainless Wine Glass (rose gold is my favorite!).

Let’s take a look at the five most popular types of wine glasses:

1. Red wine glasses

funny customized wine glass

Personalized red wine glasses typically have a larger base and wider bowl to appease the need for more oxygen. The shape is designed for swirling (wine experts do this immediately before tasting). The aeration increases the wine’s aroma.

Most popular red wine glass: 12.75 oz. Tasting Wine Glass

2. White wine glasses

custom wine glass with wine saying

Customized white wine glasses are smaller and more narrow than red wine glasses. Look for the tulip shape, round bowl and narrow stem. The design keeps the wine chilled, which helps to further bring out the aroma of white varieties.

Most popular white wine glass: 10.25 oz. Hexagonal Stem Wine Glass

3. Dessert wine glasses

custom hexagonal stem wine glass

Classic dessert wine glasses are really quite adorable. They’re much smaller than red and white wine glasses to accent and accommodate the sweetness and higher alcohol content of dessert wines.

Most popular dessert wine glass: 7.75 oz. Hexagonal Stem Wine Glass

4. Champagne flutes

custom 14 oz. stemless champagne flute

Custom champagne flutes are easily recognized by their slenderness from base to rim. The design helps contain the rising bubbles and keeps the champagne chilled longer.

Most popular champagne flute: 14 oz. Stemless Champagne Flute

5. General use wine glasses

custom 13 oz. elegant wine glass

Basic or general use wine glasses are designed to serve any type of wine. Their bowls are a medium width, and they include tapered rims to release the right amount of aroma when sipped.

Most popular general use wine glass: 13 oz. Elegant Wine Glass

Design fun wine glasses for your next event

Customized wine glasses are a must-have addition to any home bar. A personalized saying on your wine glasses will give wedding celebrations and other special occasions a unique flare. They also make great gifts for wedding parties and are smart giveaways at wineries.

Need other personalized barware for your event or special occasion? Check out our promotional mason jars, custom flasks and beer glasses, too!

Order today and let our printing experts customize wine glasses with your favorite sayings!


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