Designer backpacks for women and men are more than just trendy. Their high-quality craftsmanship makes them the best backpack brands. This creates a positive reflection on businesses who give them as gifts and rewards.

The feeling your employees or clients get when they accept a brand-name backpack from you is much different than receiving a modest gift. If a heightened experience is what you’re after, brand-name backpacks from trusted names such as CamelBak® and Field & Co.® are your answer.

Affordable, designer backpacks make your logo or school mascot look amazing! People will remember your organization in a positive light when your name is expertly printed on a popular backpack brand.

Make an investment that will give you a marketing boost for years to come by letting Totally Promotional embroider, digitally imprint or deboss your logo onto brand-name backpacks.

Which are the best backpack brands?

Choosing high-quality backpacks is easy when you have the information you need. Let’s take a look at five of the best backpack brands at Totally Promotional and their benefits:

1. Herschel®

customized 15-in. herschel® eco xl classic backpack

About the company:
Herschel Supply Co. was established in 2009 by two brothers and was named for the town where three generations of their family grew up. The goal of the Vancouver, Canada-based company is to produce “timeless” utility products. Their first-ever product was backpacks.

Herschel® backpacks at Totally Promotional are made with recycled 600D polyester/600D polycanvas and cotton canvas. Logos and other designs are embroidered and digitally imprinted on the front pockets or flaps of the backpacks. Product colors are earthy such as forest and ash rose.

Most popular style: 15-in. Herschel® Eco XL Classic Backpack

2. Field & Co.®

custom 15-in. field & co.® campster wool backpack

About the company: Its extensive history goes all the way back to 1856! Marshall Field was just 21 years old when he moved to Chicago and began working at a department store, Cooley, Wadsworth & Co. After advancing in the retail field, he eventually became sole owner of Marshall Field & Co. He died in 1906. His legacy in the textile business, however, grew substantially and the business he fostered is known today as Field & Co.

Field & Co.® backpacks are known for their gritty, urban appeal. The company combines wool polyester blend, recycled polyester and cotton canvas with swank colors such as charcoal, pink and black. Field & Co.’s quality standards set the stage to showcase your logo when embroidered, debossed or digitally printed on these designer backpacks.

Most popular style: 15-in. Field & Co.® Campster Wool Backpack

3. CamelBak®

custom 15-in. camelbak® lax backpack

About the company: A need for accessible hydration led bike enthusiast Michael Edison to devise an IV bag contraption with a tube sock to survive grueling races in the hot sun. And that’s how CamelBak got its start: “A thirst for more.” The company’s innovative nature is evident in its trail-friendly backpack designs.

CamelBak® backpack styles include their infamous Hydration Packs in nylon and recycled polyester. Select an imprint color to show off your logo on the front flap or pocket via embroidery or digital print.

Most popular style: 15-in. CamelBak® LAX Backpack

4. Osprey®

custom osprey® daylite® cinch

About the company: Owner Mike Pfotenhauer created his first backpack on his mother’s sewing machine when he was just 16. He soon became the go-to man for custom-fit backpacks in California in the 70s. Mike and his wife, Diane, moved his growing company, Osprey, to Colorado and hired members of the Navajo nation to continue his vision. The company’s reputation for detailed craftsmanship led to unique backpack styles and manufacturing facilities around the world.

Osprey® backpacks are made to last with tough materials such as recycled poly packcloth and recycled nylon. Backpack colors including stonewash black, cosmic red and dream purple are the perfect background to promote your logo. You won’t regret the investment when you see your name embroidered, printed or heat transferred onto these long-lasting backpacks.

Most popular style: Osprey® Daylite® Cinch

5. JanSport®

custom 15-in. jansport® cool student backpack

About the company: JanSport® was founded in 1967 by three friends. The story goes that Murray, an engineer, won an award from the Alcoa Company for designing an adjustable, aluminum backpack frame. He told his girlfriend, Jan, if she created a backpack pattern to fit the frame and it was a success, he’d name the company after her. She did, and he did.

JanSport® backpacks are designed to fit every lifestyle, whether you hike trails or scurry across campus. The bags’ solid 600D polyester and polycanvas construction ensures a rugged exterior and cool look. Customize your own JanSport backpacks with embroidery or digital print on trendy, neutral product colors.

Most popular style: 15″ JanSport® Cool Student Backpack

The best backpack brands never go out of style

navy customized backpack by a desk

Each brand-name backpack at Totally Promotional holds an excellent reputation for style and durability. When you give one of these high-quality backpacks as a gift or reward, you can be confident it will make a positive impression. That’s a big part of what brand-name backpacks deliver.

Customize trendy backpacks with your corporate logo or school name and you’ll quickly enjoy the benefits. Your employees, students or clients will treasure a highly crafted backpack they can use every day. And you get to enjoy the exposure your business will get for months and years to come.

Don’t miss this marketing opportunity! Shop the best backpack brands today.

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