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Adding a new custom product to our line-up is like welcoming a new baby into the family. It’s always an exciting time at Totally Promotional.

Well,  in the last few weeks we’ve debuted six new promotional products! Our new “sextuplets” include sunglasses, folding chairs, flying discs, coolers, pencils and highlighters. Each can be creatively personalized with your name, logo or message, or kept blank for general use.

Personalized sunglasses

promotional sunglassesBoy, where do I start? The colors, the styles … Totally Promotional has sunglasses for everyone, unless you don’t want to look cool. My favorites are the Honolulu Sunglasses in turquoise and the sporty Dual-Side Malibu Sunglasses (in distinguished blue with black trim).

Customize your sunglasses with a 1-color or full-color imprint. Businesses and organizations reach new clients every time sunglasses with their name or logo are worn.

Here’s a fun idea: Order flashy pairs of sunglasses with your surname or date for relatives to wear at your next family reunion. You’ll want to take lots of pictures. It’s a great way to commemorate any event!

Uses/Giveaways: Local festivals, school parties, family and class reunions, corporate events, trade shows.

Custom folding chairs

custom printed folding chairsBusinesses and other groups can reel in new clients or reward the ones they have with logo folding chairs. Custom print yours with a name, image or website for traveling marketing tools!

Personalized folding chairs show you’ve got style and class. We have chairs to fit every budget including our low-cost Traditional Folding Chair.

These high-quality folding chairs are available in nearly 20 colors to match your company or organization’s theme. You can place 1-color to full-color imprints on each chair.

Uses/Giveaways: Conventions, sporting events, concerts, fundraisers, client gifts.

Logo flying discs

custom printed flying discsThe list of new promotional products wouldn’t be complete without custom flying discs!  Ours are made of a sturdy plastic that will last for years.

Wholesale flying discs are an easy solution when you’re looking for a low-cost, giveaway item. As your flying discs soar, so will your exposure!

Flying discs offer plenty of space to imprint your company logo or announce wedding plans with save-the-date information. Choose from dozens of product colors and nearly 30 imprint colors.

Uses/Giveaways: Conventions, fundraisers, family celebrations, beach events, reunions, sporting events.

Wholesale Coolers

custom printed cooler bags

Chill out with another great item in our line-up of new promotional products: custom coolers. Our sizes range from small lunch bags to our extra-large Mega 50-Can Rolling Cooler, which could keep drinks cold for an entire NFL team!

Choose from up to 11 product colors and a rainbow of imprint colors!  We have styles that will knock your socks off such as the Insulated Shopper Tote Bag for daily packers.

Uses/Giveaways: Corporate gatherings and gifts, sporting events, picnics, school trips, reunions.

Customized Highlighters

custom printed highlighters

My  definition of a highlighter used to be “a chubby, yellow marker that takes a backseat to every pen I own.” Then I browsed our new selection. Wow! The bright colors and funky styles are amazing!

My favorites include The High 5 Highlighter for its unique shape and style and the one my grandchildren would go bonkers over, the Little Man Highlighter.

We have 45 product color variations and dozens more colors to choose for 1-color or full-color imprints. You’ll have no problem finding your fave. Your name or message will get lots of exposure each time these highlighters are used.

Writing tools of all types make great giveaways because they’re easy to transport and are useful for people of all ages and gender.

Uses: Company gifts and giveaways, schools, offices, trade shows.

Bulk Pencils

custom printed pencils

I like pencils. Despite all the incredible technology in the world, pencils still have a purpose. A child working on a difficult math problem must have a pencil with an eraser. Artists, engineers, carpenters and other professionals still reach for graphite for many tasks.

Browse through our selection of customized pencils and you’ll see that much has changed in the writing utensil world. Today’s pencils are round, square, flat and hexagon-shaped. You’ll find every color and design under the sun from our basic Rounded Creator Pencil to our crazy Silly Smiles Mechanical Pencil.

Custom pencils are one of the most economical marketing tools available. Your name or message across the barrel in 1-color or vibrant full-color is a simple way to market yourself while keeping within budget.

Uses: Trade shows, conventions, schools, business meetings, art shows.

Visit today to see our growing list of new promotional products that can improve your business, boost your organization and add fun to your life!

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