A baby shower is something your guests will look forward to celebrating. A baby shower game can engage your friends and family and make it memorable.

Sadly, that’s not always the case. Boring baby shower games get embedded in our memories. Interesting ones that don’t require costly supplies can be difficult to find.

So I created a free “Guess the Celebrity Baby Game” to engage your guests and put a spark in your party! Most of us are fascinated with famous people’s baby pictures. And that’s what makes this celebrity baby pictures game so intriguing.

Simply print as many copies of the baby shower game as you need, hand out pens as guest favors and you’ve got this!

who's that baby printable game

Keep the fun going

When the game is over, keep the excitement alive with prizes for the winners! Here are a few gift ideas:

Send everyone home happy

baby shower favors

All guests deserve a little something for supporting the soon-to-be-mommy. So don’t let them leave empty-handed! Order affordable baby shower favors that can be personalized with your own artwork or a fun design from our gallery.

Choose from customized hand sanitizer, foam can coolers, lip balm, frosted plastic cups and much more! Avoid a last-minute hassle and fill personalized favor bags with bulk candies ahead of time for guests to take home. They’ll also love the “growing” theme when you hand them custom seed packets.

Take your “bump bash” up a notch with customized cocktail napkins and a personalized banner! Use the same artwork and colors chosen for guest favors to keep your baby shower theme consistent.

Browse baby shower favors that make sense for your party.

Plan ahead and have fun!

Planning a baby shower can be overwhelming. Start by printing out our baby shower game and you can scratch one task off your list!

Get more great advice on budgeting, choosing a theme and other tips from the experts at Porch. Then browse Totally Promotional for great deals on all your baby shower needs!

baby shower napkins graphic

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