Beer glasses are as different as the brews we put in them.

Even people like me who don’t crave the hops, know that personalized beer glasses come in lots of styles. I figured there was a reason for the contours that shape a glass from the rim to bottom. But I had no idea what it all meant. I do now and I’m going to share my knowledge with you in a handy Beer Glassware Guide.

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Beer glassware is a science of its own. Each style has special characteristics to enhance your brew. Some glasses can accentuate the color of your beer and keep the foam intact longer. Certain shapes can help preserve the flavor and aroma.

If you own a bar, brewery or restaurant, the look and taste of your beer is extremely important. Your servers need to know which beers perform best in which glasses.

The following information will help you choose glassware that gives your customers the best beer-drinking experience:

Beer Glassware Guide

pint glass

1. Pint Glasses

The American pint glass is what most bars and restaurants use today because it is relatively inexpensive and easy to clean. Its shape also makes it easy to stack for storage. The pint glass, sometimes called a Shaker, gets slightly wider from the base to the mouth. It typically holds 16 ounces and is used for most type of beers including IPAs, porters, stouts, lagers and ales.

pilsner glass

2. Pilsner Glasses

Pilsner glasses are my favorite because they comfortably fit in smaller hands. Promotional pilsner glasses are tall and slender; their shape reminds me of an upside-down, strapless evening gown! They typically hold slightly less beer than a pint glass, usually between 12 and 20 ounces. The wider mouth helps retain the foam head and the rich aroma of the beer. These glasses highlight the clarity, sparkle and bubbles of pilsners and other light beers they commonly hold.

beer mug

3. Beer Mugs

Beer mugs are made for serious beer drinkers due to their capacity (often 15 ounces or more). The side handle makes it easy to raise from bar to mouth and safer to toast friends without smashing fingers. Beer mugs have a cylinder shape and thick glass that keeps your brew cold longer. Many beer mugs are manufactured with “dimples” that can accentuate the clarity of the beer. You’ll find beer mugs in authentic pubs filled to the brim with all types of beers including Irish varieties

34 oz. Jumbo Beer Mug | Totally Promotional

beer goblet

4. Beer Goblets

This shape closely resembles a wine goblet but is a unique favorite among beer aficionados. Its wide mouth allows for easy analysis of a beer’s aroma and flavor — and really big gulps! Other characteristics include a fairly short but thick, heavy stem that makes the glass feel sturdy in the hand. Beer goblets are available in quite a few sizes so the amount they hold varies. The goblet and its cousin, the chalice, are often used for dark ales and other heavy beers.

5. Pub Bar Glass

Pub bar glasses are very similar to pint glasses, except they offer sizes that serve much more than a pint of your favorite brew. Their shape is a bit wider near the top than a pint glass but are still slimmer toward the bottom.

20 oz. Pub Bar Glass | Totally Promotional

Do you have a favorite beer glass?

Everyone seems to have a go-to beer glass. What’s yours?

We’d love to read your comments below. You may not even realize how your favorite beer glass corrals the aroma of the beer or keeps the foam from disappearing. You just like it. And that’s OK!

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