Awards for students should inspire, encourage and build self-esteem. Customized student gifts can also promote your school and campus!

School awards can be great motivators for promoting academic excellence and good behavior. They’re often used to recognize hard work and achievements while creating opportunities for students to develop self-confidence and leadership skills.

Do your student awards do all that? Maybe it’s time to explore a few new ideas.

Keep reading for a list of the best student gift ideas, reasons why personalized awards are important and when/how to present them.

Why give awards to students?

Awards are an investment in our students’ futures and wellbeing. They encourage young scholars to perform better in academic and extracurricular areas.

Awards for students instill a sense of pride, which can help them meet or exceed their goals. They also help students set objectives and fill them with a sense of obligation to work harder and achieve more.

Achieving academic success isn’t easy. An award, such as a custom water bottle or a personalized stuffed animal, can remind a student that efforts pay off. That type of motivation can lead to positive learning habits that ensure a successful future.

List of special awards for students

customized promotional items with school mascot logo

Totally Promotional offers a wide variety of school supplies and spirit items that can be customized for student awards. We also have lots of brand-name products, promotional apparel and much more. Our bulk prices are very competitive for educators on a tight budget.

Take a look at these brilliant award ideas for students (and teachers, too!) in preschool, elementary, high school and college:

Academic Excellence Awards
Give credit where it’s due to students who bring home the best grades.
Award ideas:

End of the Year Awards
Send them into summer with a gift to show your pride in their hard work this year.
Award ideas:

Student of the Week/Month Awards
Give every student a chance to excel and get noticed throughout the year.
Award ideas:

Perfect Attendance Awards
It’s not easy showing up Every. Single. Day. Show them how amazing they are.
Award ideas:

Best Artist Awards
Artistic talent will grow and become more creative when rewarded properly.
Award ideas:

Best Musician Awards
Practice, practice, practice. Beautiful music is something to savor and encourage.
Award ideas:

Show of Kindness Awards
Good manners and respectful behavior should always be recognized and applauded.
Award ideas:

Favorite Teacher Awards
Teaching future generations is a big responsibility. Everyone’s favorite educator deserves something special!
Award ideas:

Outstanding First-Year Student Awards
It’s tough getting through that first year of college. Maintaining good grades while filling leadership roles is commendable.
Award ideas:

MVP on the Team Awards
Play hard, get kudos. Let those athletes know their sweat and determination counts.
Award ideas:

Customize your class awards and gifts for students

customized tumbler with a free drink coupon

Customizing awards for students is an excellent way to make the gift more personal and add a touch of sentiment. We can print your school’s name or an inspirational quote on the student gifts you select.

Another reason to customize student awards is the attention a school receives, especially a college. Placing your school or team name and mascot image on class awards is a low-cost promotional strategy. Branding your school awards can:

  • Create a team atmosphere among students and staff
  • Entice other students to enroll
  • Build a positive image of your school or campus

You can also make your personalized awards stand out by adding other items. A great example would be tucking a gift card into a custom tumbler. A personalized letter from teachers or school leaders is also a terrific addition to make any award extra special.

How to make the award ceremony memorable

customized cup and customized napkin for back to school

The award ceremony at your school should be a classy but fun experience that celebrates your students’ achievements in front of their peers.

Invite the students’ families. Ask teachers or administrators to give short speeches. Take photos and videos and share them on social media or bulletin boards to inspire other students.

Make it a themed event by hanging custom banners and decorating with streamers or school pennants. If refreshments are served, consider using the design on the rewards to customize your promotional cups, napkins and printed food items.

Awards for students will inspire generations to come

customized notebook for a school with customized mug and paper bag

Whether you choose academic, athletic, leadership, artistic or character awards, it’s important to personalize them so each student feels recognized by the school.

As educators and school leaders, it is your responsibility to create an environment that fosters a culture of appreciation and celebrates students’ hard work and successes.

As you plan your awards ceremony, remember to leave a lasting and positive impression on your students to encourage them to reach their highest potential.

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