The era of the 3.5 x 2-inch business card is vanishing.

The reason, to put it bluntly: People don’t want them. About 88 percent of the business cards handed out today are thrown in the trash in less than a week.

Unconventional business cards

business card alternatives, bottle opener business cards and keychains

So how do you get your name and logo in front of your target audience? Business card alternatives! Promotional products are creative business cards that people want to keep. And unlike traditional business cards, people keep customized promotional products for six months or longer.

Small promotional products provide plenty of imprint space to showcase your name, logo, web address or contact information. These alternative business cards can easily be distributed at trade shows, open houses, expos and many other networking events.

Stumped for ideas that relate to your industry? Check out these business card alternatives:

Clever business card alternatives for companies

Bottle opener business cards

Bottle Opener Business Card

One of our top performers is a bottle opener that looks like a business card. Recipients love the convenience of slipping these in their pocket or purse after opening their favorite beverage. Customized bottle openers are available in plenty of styles and shapes to match company themes, products and services.

Great for marketing … restaurants, bars, breweries, beverage distributors and annual community events.

Keychain business cards

Branded keychain

Promotional keychains, by nature, are excellent for on-the-go exposure! One of my favorites is the multi-purpose LED Key Chain Light with Bottle Opener with a laser-engraved imprint. Today’s keychains often serve several functions beyond securing our keys. That’s good news for you because every time your personalized keychains open doors or light the way, your brand appears.

Great for marketing … vehicle dealerships, security companies, travel agencies, airlines and safet awareness campaigns.

Coaster business cards

Business Card Coasters

Economically priced coasters are trending as a top marketing tool. Cork, pulpboard and foam coasters are lightweight and easy to hand out wherever you go. Just choose the thickness you need. Your imprint can display your fabulous logo, drink specials, business hours or even a full-color photo! Select round, square or fun shapes like a foot (perfect for a pedicurist!)

Great for marketing … lounges, casinos, pubs, clubs, spas, breweries and wineries.

Can cooler and Koozies® business cards

Business Card Koozies

Can coolers are a fun and effective way to boost advertising. Clients will quickly nab a few to keep drinks cold at backyard BBQs, family gatherings, festivals or outdoor parties. Customized Koozies® are elite beer business cards for their savvy knack of creating marketing opportunities at social events. Choose from more than 50 product colors and plenty of styles for your favorite beverage containers.

Great for marketing … party planners, vacation resorts, golf courses, concerts, county/state fairs, campgrounds and sporting events.

Pen business cards

pens for business cards

Did you use a pen today? Rarely a day goes by when we don’t create a list or write a note with a pen. That’s why personalized pens make sense as business card alternatives. Your business logo has the potential of being seen and shared multiple times each day. You’ll find the style you need with plastic, metal, stylus, gel, engraved and novelty pens at budget-friendly prices.

Great for marketing … any and every business! Seriously, customized pens are a marketing workhorse for any company or store, community organization or nonprofit.

Phone wallet business cards

phone wallet business card alternatives

Cell phones accompany us wherever we go today. Take advantage of that mobility with phone wallets. Simply give away adhesive cell phone card holders at any event and let the networking begin! They securely hold credit cards, IDs, passports and cash; some styles offer data-blocking tools and other extras! But their most valuable trick is placing your name and website at clients’ fingertips.

Great for marketing … cell phone companies, amusement parks, banks, fitness centers, arcades and gaming centers.

What is the best business card?

The best business card serves a useful purpose for the receiver. Customized promotional products do that much better than traditional business cards. People enjoy getting free things, especially if they fill a need or purpose and that’s the secret behind these business card alternatives.

Final tip: Don’t be afraid to be different. It’s OK to use an alternative business card that’s a little flashy or funny, even if you’re style is generally more conservative. It might be the little push your company needs to soar above the competition!

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