What is the best Christmas present you ever received?

Maybe it was a toy your grandfather gave you when you were 3. Perhaps it was a handmade ornament your child made in school. It’s fun to reminisce about the gifts we received decades ago or just last year! But there always seems to be one that takes the gingerbread cake.

I recently asked our staff at Totally Promotional to name the best Christmas presents they ever received. Their answers were funny, sentimental and a little inspiring! So cuddle up with a mug of cocoa and read on:

What is the best Christmas present you ever received?

A collectors’ doll and a baby doll from my grandma right before she passed away. I still have both of them to this day.

Katie N.

Disney trip!

Janice R.

Tickets to the Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Boston Celtics game.

Ashleigh F.

The Ewok Village

Kara A.

A scrapbook made by my son!

Paige W.

Wii System

Morgan M.

I love getting different board games every year. After opening presents on Christmas Eve, the rest of the evening is family game night. It’s my favorite tradition.

Ariel M.

A baby boy. That is what Christmas is all about! He was born on Dec. 19, but was due on Dec. 24. I appreciate my children all the time but especially at Christmas.

Marcia H.

The best Christmas present I ever received was when I was 5 and Santa brought me an Ariel doll from The Little Mermaid. Her tail changed colors in the bathtub!

Alexandria S.

My parents gave my siblings and I a summer concert package. They got us tickets, camping permits, coolers, lawn chairs, can coolers, sunglasses, etc., everything we would need for the three-day outdoor concert.

Aleisha H.

December 8th, 2011, my first year in college, I received a frantic, devastating call from my mother telling me my father was being sent by squad to undergo emergency, triple bypass open heart surgery. It was the scariest news of my life. We didnt know what was going to happen as his “widow maker” artery was 99% blocked. Needless to say, the best christmas gift I have ever received was my father getting to come back home to us the week of Christmas. Nothing ever compared to that.

Brooke R.

The best Christmas gift that I have ever received is not really just one gift from any one Christmas. Every year, since all of our children are adults and out of the house now, my parents get all of us kids and the grandkids together and we go somewhere. We always eat and then do some kind of Christmas activity. Whether we go see Christmas lights, a Christmas play, or go somewhere absolutely random like bowling, it does not matter. For that one day, no matter what is happening in our family, every one of us comes together and celebrates the true meaning of Christmas: Family, love and God. I genuinely look forward to it every year. It’s the one day when we are one big, happy family celebrating our love for each other … even if I did get left alone in the elephant enclosure that one year at the Toledo Zoo and had to try to find everyone! At least they realized I was missing, eventually.

Alyssa R.

Molly Dolly from The Big Comfy Couch. I was 5.

Taylor B.

I have received many wonderful gifts over the years but what I treasure mostly is time with my loved ones.

Teresa P.

Last year my husband gave me a trip to the Netherlands! Best gift ever!

Kasandra H.

My dog, Harriet, the pug!

Maddison C.

As a little kid, it was a Barbie camper. Three years ago, our middle son and his wife surprised us on Christmas and told us they were going to adopt a little girl in April. The best gift ever!

Joyce W.

A puppy. A Sheltie named Sparky! Best dog ever.

Kristina W.

I have always loved ’55 Chevy’s and always told my boys growing up I would love to have one. I got one for Christmas! They had worked on a model and gave it to me. I still have it!

Joyce J.

Gift cards are hands-down the best presents!

Erin S.

The best gift I ever got was a guitar rack. I love being a musician and to receive something like that for Christmas makes me very happy.

Gabe E.

I would have to say my mother’s ring that I got from my husband last year. It’s beautiful, but the reason I love it more than anything is the fact that he was injured and in a wheelchair, but still found a way to get to the store and get something meaningful!

Jessica S.

My first child (who) was born four days before Christmas!

Nora L.
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