A great mix of exciting trade show giveaways is trending for businesses and organizations.

Companies from New York to L.A. are gearing up to showcase their products and services with fantastic handouts. We see an emphasis on everything from wellness and safety items to tech products.

Small promotional product giveaways are always a big hit with businesses. Our clients enjoy transporting lightweight trade show giveaways to all their events. Many of them can also be mailed to score other types of branding.

Topping our list are budget-friendly giveaways that consumers love to receive. While browsing this incredible list, keep this in mind: Statistics show that 83 percent of people are more likely to do business with a brand that gave them a promotional item.

Top 15 trade show giveaways for 2024

Here are the most popular trade show items for 2024, as chosen by our customers and team of experts at Totally Promotional.

1. Personal care products

custom personal care products

Self-care products are always welcome freebies at trade shows because they are so practical. Here are a few more good reasons to order them today:

2. Promotional water bottles

water bottles for trade shows

Hydration is very important for keeping good health on track. Trade show attendees will appreciate refillable sports bottles as they wander throughout the event. Every time they take a sip, they’ll see your logo!

3. Printed stress balls

custom stress balls in shapes

Who can’t use stress relief? Stress balls in traditional and fun shapes will take up residence on desks, in vehicles and inside gym bags. These colorful giveaways are priced for low-cost marketing.

  • Six categories of shapes
  • About 20 product colors
  • Free delivery and setup on most items

4. Promo food and snacks

custom snack box

Who doesn’t enjoy a few snacks now and then? Visitors will flock to your trade show booth to grab customized candy, mints and bulk-priced cookies.

  • Minimum orders as low as 12
  • Full-color imprint options
  • Big variety of products

5. Customized phone holders

custom phone stand and phone wallet

Our cellphones need a home, too! Customers will appreciate a handy phone holder or stand to keep their cell phone screen visible at work or home.

  • Minimum order quantity as low as 12
  • About a dozen product colors
  • Easy to transport and display

6. Promotional lip balm

custom lip balm for trade shows

Custom lip balm is always a favorite giveaway at trade shows where circulated air can leave lips dry. Lip balm will draw attendees to your booth in swarms!

  • Made in an FDA-compliant facility in the U.S.
  • All-natural beeswax flavors
  • Flavor oils used as lip-safe fragrances

7. Hats with logos

a custom hat as a giveaway

Apparel is the most popular promotional product used today. Hats are appropriate for all genders and most have adjustable closures for a perfect fit on any attendee.

  • Nearly two dozen product colors
  • Free delivery
  • Minimum order quantity as low as 24
  • Embroidery options available for logos

8. Customized seed packets

custom heart mailer with seeded paper

Stocking a basket full of custom seed packets couldn’t be any easier when you’re manning a trade show booth!

  • Eco-friendly items
  • Full-color imprints on all
  • Large variety of styles and shapes

9. Drawstring bags

display of drawstring bags

Custom drawstring bags give your name and logo outstanding exposure at little cost. Trade show attendees will gather at your booth first.

  • About two dozen product colors
  • 6+ types of materials
  • Water-resistant materials available
  • Bestsellers for less than $1 each

10. Branded mugs

a custom mug giveaway

A cup of joe will get everyone’s day started right, especially when using our most popular 13 oz. Ceramic Campfire Mug! Your logo or inspirational message will be expertly printed with state-of-the-art dye sublimation or silk-screen printing equipment.

  • About a dozen mug sizes
  • Minimum order quantity as low as 6
  • One-color and full-color imprints

11. Custom T-shirts

red custom T-shirt giveaway

No one refuses a free tee! Turn potential trade show clients into brand ambassadors with promotional T-shirts. We have the brands you trust such as Hanes®, District®, Nike®, Bella + Canvas® and Gildan®.

12. Custom can coolers

custom can coolers for trade shows

Pile ’em high and watch these disappear from your booth! Trade show attendees love can coolers and Koozies® they can easily slip into pockets and purses. Months or years later, they’ll still be using these at BBQs and other gatherings with your name front and center.

  • Free delivery on most
  • Free second-side imprint on most
  • Select up to four can cooler colors per order
  • Easy to display
  • Full-color options

13. Promotional pens

custom pens for trade shows

Add custom pens to your giveaway list, especially if you are seeking signups and hosting contests.

14. Custom chip clips

chip clip for trade shows

Customers and potential clients won’t forget you when you’re logo is clipped to their favorite snacks! Place your name or fun message on refrigerator magnet clips for top-notch trade show traffic.

  • Minimum order as low as 12
  • Plastic and metal materials
  • Nearly 20 colors to match your logo

15. Logo keychains

logo keychain for trade shows

Today’s keychains do a whole lot more than organize your keys. Our wide selection includes keychains with flashlights, touchless door openers, bottle openers and so much more!

  • Free setup on most styles
  • Minimum order as low as 12
  • About 20 different materials
  • 20+ product colors
  • Engraved options

Unique trade show gifts start with customization

If you want to stand out in the crowd, you need trade show giveaways that are different from those in the booth next door. Customizing giveaways such as fridge magnets with your company logo, personal message and unique colors and style will give you the edge.

Personalization remains the key to getting noticed and making a grand impression. Our team has been helping businesses just like yours for more than 30 years. We have unique giveaway ideas your customers will appreciate!

Visit our site today for incredible products at affordable prices. And don’t forget to check out our table covers and banners to enhance your success!

Make a lasting impression with unique giveaways!

Shelley Grieshop is a former newspaper journalist who earned more than a dozen Associated Press awards for her in-depth research and writing skills. In May 2016, she joined Totally Promotional as a creative writer. She currently writes company blogs about branding, marketing, logos, wedding planning and much more. One of her life goals is to teach people when to use hyphens and apostrophes.

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