Best promotional products to drive profits in 2021

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Promotional products are your go-to solution in 2021, especially if your business or nonprofit has been impacted by COVID-19.

Now more than ever, brand exposure is essential to get back in the game. But pricey advertising is out of the question for many organizations that recently suffered profit losses.

Your solution? Customized products! Personalized pens, bags and other useful swag are often kept for years and rank No. 1 as the most effective form of advertising. We know each company and charitable group has different needs. So we researched trends, gathered ROI data and used our nearly 30 years of experience to bring you the most effective promotional items for 2021:

Best promotional products for 2021

Custom sports and water bottles

custom metal water bottle in blue

Sports bottles are a top choice for companies dedicated to today’s health and environmental issues. First of all, water bottles encourage good health through hydration. Women should drink about 11.5 cups of fluid each day; men, 15.5 cups. Keeping an aluminum, plastic or stainless steel bottle nearby is a good reminder. Reusable sports bottles also reduce the amount of disposable drinkware in our landfills, which makes them environmental heros.

Custom hand sanitizer

customized hand sanitizer

Liquid, gel and spray hand sanitizer are top choices for handouts when promoting hygiene. The COVID-19 pandemic has intensified the need to stash bottles at home, work, the gym, school and in your vehicle. Some of our best-sellers have carabiner caps that conveniently hook to book bags, purses and belt hoops. Most of our hand sanitizers cost less than $1 each to promote your brand and the health of your employees or clients. The healthcare industry is one of the top 10 buyers of promotional products.

Custom T-shirts

green t shirt with custom imprint with white brick wall

The work-from-home trend has increased the popularity of corporate T-shirts. Remote employees can enjoy a comfy tee and still feel like part of the team while wearing the company logo. Personalized T-shirts make great impressions on clients when employees wear them during video conferences. Also, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for low prices when ordering T-shirts for fundraisers. Save big on brands you trust such as Gildan and Hanes. Wearables are the most popular promotional product category.

Custom tote bags

woman carrying a custom branded tote bag in front of a brick wall

It’s not difficult to find at least one logo-printed bag in most households. Because of their longevity, custom tote bags make 3,300 impressions over their lifetime. Very few promotional products are as practical as a bag that can haul books, baby toys, gym clothes and personal items. Even the smallest of bags provide plenty of space to print your name, website or message for ideal branding.

Custom stress balls

custom red heart stress ball in hands

If ever there was a need for stress balls … it’s now! Customized stress balls are available in every shape imaginable and can be cheap therapy when life gets complicated. Doctors often recommend stress balls for hand rehabilitation and coordination. From sports to animals to healthcare, there’s a shape and color to fit every event, company or campaign. Most custom stress balls cost less than 50 cents each!

Custom Koozies® and can coolers

knock out cancer custom blue can coolers

Custom koozies made the list because they’ve been a successful marketing tool since their debut in 1980! In rural Ohio (that’s where you’ll find us) koozies are as common as cows. They are handed out at parades, weddings, county fairs and all kinds of events. They advertise everything from auto dealerships to community festivals, and everything in between. You can’t help but read what’s printed on a colorful koozie when it’s hugging your ice-cold beverage. Studies show 78 percent of consumers own promotional drinkware.

Custom power banks

red power bank with custom logo charging a phone

We’re too far into the digital age to turn back now. That’s why customized power banks will always be a welcome gift and essential branding product. The power bank market is expected to grow 18.4 percent in the next six years. We constantly use smartphones, tablets and other media devices that eventually need charged at work, home and on the run. Companies love these because they’re practical and easy to store for upcoming trade shows.

Custom barware

custom printed barware in bar setting

Two words: Home bar. Lockdowns and quarantines for COVID-19 led to the creation of new, at-home bars — and it looks like they’re here to stay! Give your employees and clients custom barware as rewards or holiday gifts. Personalized beer and shot glasses also give pubs and restaurants an aura of professionalism and an advertising boost. Business services are the top buyers of swag to promote brand recognition and establish corporate identity.

Let’s face the facts

We know how you feel. Our industry has been impacted by COVID-19, too. It’s not the time to take big risks. Instead, rely on proven solutions and facts: 83 percent of consumers are more likely to do business with a company that gives them a promotional product.

The cost-per-impression (CPI) of promotional items can be as low as 1/10 of one cent. That is less than most other advertising mediums, which is a huge bonus for smaller businesses with slim marketing budgets. And you can trust our team to make your logo or message look professional and better than you imagined.

Just so you know, 81 percent of people keep customized items for more than a year because they’re fun, functional and trendy.

Contact our experts today if you have questions. We’re always ready to help.

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