This article was originally published on Oct. 3, 2017, and updated on Oct. 2, 2019.

Good things happen when people come together to help others.

This is evident each October when companies across the U.S. get a little crazy — and very pink — for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As a result of their efforts, more lives are being saved each year.

“We believe it is important to create awareness to breast cancer because many women still face this horrible disease,” said LoriAnn Gilbert, fundraising manager for the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF).

One in eight women in the United States will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. Gilbert said the statistic “drives us every day here at NBCF to create programs” for women facing such a difficult time. Hearing the news you have cancer is devastating. Worrying about what lies ahead shouldn’t be an added burden.

“Fundraising is severely important to help many underserved women that seem to have lost all hope after receiving their diagnoses,” Gilbert said.

Creative breast cancer awareness ideas for work

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  • custom products for breast cancer awareness day
  • pink food carry-in snacks
  • two employees high five at the outdoor employee tournament
  • food truck community meal
  • breast cancer awareness 5k
  • "give breast cancer the boot" banner
  1. Schedule an Office Pink Day: Award the best-dressed employees with sunglassescan coolers or other products customized with a breast cancer awareness message.
  2. Sell branded fundraising products: Raise money by selling T-shirts, tote bags or water bottles in pink with your message.
  3. Pink food carry-in: Ask employees to bring their favorite pink food to work. Place a donation collection jar with the spread.
  4. Host an employee tournament: Sponsor a golf, bowling or trivia tournament.
  5. Sponsor a community meal: Organize a bake sale, cook-off or pancake breakfast.
  6. Donation matching: Ask your company leaders to match employee donations.
  7. Support prevention: Provide paid time off for mammogram testing.
  8. Educate your staff: Include breast cancer facts and prevention information in the company newsletter.
  9. Encourage public awareness events. Ask employees to team up for a breast cancer awareness 5K or other local event.

Fundraising for the National Breast Cancer Foundation

Here are a few of NBCF’s fundraising tips for businesses:

  • Register your business on the NBCF website. You can contact them at or 972-248-9200.
  • Recruit volunteers from each department to promote company-wide involvement.
  • Create a fundraising project that is fun, inspiring and impactful. Make it unique and personal to your company. Perhaps an employee or a relative has a breast cancer experience they’d like to share in the corporate newsletter.
  • Explain the project via employee emails; social media; flyers attached to payroll checks and hung in breakrooms, restrooms and elevators; on your website; and in your company newsletter.
  • Hang a personalized banner at your business to show your involvement and support.

Gilbert said the NBCF loves hearing about breast cancer awareness fundraisers.

“It’s so inspiring to hear all the amazing stories of people motivated to create a fundraiser. Most have been affected somehow, but all have great intentions and even bigger hearts,” she said.

NBCF’s mission is to help women by providing help and inspiring hope to those affected by breast cancer through early detection, education and support services.

Nearly every region, county or community has a breast cancer awareness organization that needs volunteers and financing. Please choose one and start planning your fundraising project today!


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