Break the ice and spark the laughter with hilarious Christmas party games!

Some of my most memorable holiday moments involve games I played with relatives and co-workers. Friendly competition can bring people together in ways a fruitcake just can’t.

You can buy games, but I think it’s much more fun (and definitely cheaper!) to create them yourself. Check out the free printable below for the Name the Stocking Stuffers game. Just a little something extra to make your life easier!

red and green Christmas can coolers and plastic cups

My biggest tip for planning party games at home or work: Don’t forget to have prizes for the winners! Here are a few prize suggestions (depending on the ages of players): Christmas koozies® or other favors, customized cups of holiday candy, brain teasers, gift cards, bottles of wine, candles and cash.

Best Christmas party games for work and more

You’ll find all kinds of holiday party games for coworkers and others by searching online. Here are a few that I chose to share because of their simplicity:

Gift Wrap Challenge

Items Needed for a Gift Wrap Challenge

Items needed:
Wrapping paper
Duct tape
Pair of dice
Two big pot holders
Small gift items such as lotion, candy and lottery tickets

christmas party games

The goal: Roll doubles to get a chance at unwrapping a gift while wearing pot holders.
Prep work: Before the party, wrap each small gift in many layers of gift wrap and duct tape. Make the packages as difficult to open as possible.
How to play: Each player tries to roll doubles with two dice. A player who rolls doubles must put on pot holders and try to open the wrapped gift while others continue attempts to roll doubles. If another player rolls doubles, he or she gets to steal the gift, put on the oven mitts, and try to open it before someone else rolls doubles.
Prizes: Players get to keep any gifts they successfully unwrap.

Name the Stocking Stuffers!

Items Needed for Name the Stocking Stuffers Game

Items needed:
Christmas stocking
Ribbon or string
Small items such as nail polish, toys, candy, lip balm, beaded necklace
Holiday pens
Free Stocking Stuffers printable

How to Play the Name the Stocking Stuffers Game

The goal: Accurately guess the most items in the stocking.
Prep work: Stuff the items in the Christmas stocking and tie it shut.
How to play: Place the small items in the stocking and tie it off with the ribbon or string. Give everyone a pen and a Stocking Stuffers printable paper. Each player gets 2 minutes to feel the items in the stocking and write their answers on the Stocking Stuffer paper. The player with the most accurate guesses is the winner.

Stack the Cup Tree

Christmas frosted plastic cups

Items needed:
14 to 28 large plastic cups with holiday sayings

The goal: Stack all cups in the shape of a Christmas tree in 1 minute.
Prep work: None
How to play: Each player tries to stack all the cups pyramid-style within 1 minute.

Snowball Toss

snowball toss Christmas game

Items needed: 
Christmas wreath
Basket or bowl
Large marshmallows

The goal: Throw the most marshmallows into the target.
Prep work: Hang a wreath from a doorway, ceiling or another area.
How to play: Each player stands several feet away from the wreath and attempts to throw five marshmallows through the center and into the basket behind it or on the floor. The player who lands the most marshmallows in the basket wins. This game works well with teams.

Bite the Cookie

Christmas Cookies for Bite the cookie game

Items needed:
One cookie per person

The goal: Get a cookie into your mouth without using your hands.
Prep work: None (unless you want to bake homemade cookies!)
How to play: One at a time, players place a cookie on their forehead. Without using their hands, they must get the cookie close enough to their mouth to take a bite within 1 minute.

Get your game on!

Rolling Dice at Holiday Scene

Christmas party games can help you make special memories with the ones you love. It doesn’t take a lot of time or money. Choose one or two games for your party animals and take your holiday bash up a notch!

Merry Christmas!

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