Your dinner menu will probably knock their socks off but what about your Christmas table setting?

First, don’t fret over this. Setting a holiday table is not a Black Ops mission. You can do this.

Keep it simple

Most holiday gatherings are casual, according to Internet foodies. Although there’s nothing wrong with a fancy, sit-down dinner, it usually results in more work for the hostess. I prefer to spend more time with my family and less time with my hands in soapy water.

You don’t have to use good China to be festive. Even plastic plates and utensils can be arranged to achieve a beautiful holiday table setting. Here’s proof:

Table setting etiquette is much simpler than most people think. When neatly arranged, your Christmas table setting can impress guests no matter what type of dinnerware you use. Use this handy guide:

Informal place setting

informal place setting
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  • Dinner plate: Place the dinner plate at the very center of the setting.
  • Fork: Place a fork to the left of the plate. (If using a larger dinner fork and a smaller salad fork, place the larger one closer to the plate. Per etiquette, the first utensil to be used is set on the outside.)
  • Knife: The dinner knife is placed to the right of the plate with the cutting edge facing inward.
  • Spoon:  Set the spoon directly to the right of the knife. A soup spoon, if needed, would be placed to the outside.
  • Personalized napkin: The napkin should be folded and placed on top of the plate. Optional napkin placements are to the left of the fork(s) or beneath them.
  • Custom drinking cup:  A drinking cup is positioned above the knife and spoon, to the top right of the plate.

How about an easy-to-do napkin folding technique to top off that gorgeous Christmas table setting? It’s like icing on your sugar cookies.

How to fold napkins

napkin folding

Here’s a simple tutorial on how to fold dinner napkins:

Materials needed: Square Dinner Napkins, shiny garland or any kind of decorative ribbon.

napkins step 2
  1. Place your plastic utensils diagonally on the napkin with about one-third of the napkin showing beneath. Fold the bottom corner of the napkin over the bottom half of the utensils.
    napkins step 3
  2. Fold the left side of the napkin over the utensils, then do the same with the right side, tucking the remaining napkin beneath.
    napkins step 4
  3. Use a festive ribbon or shiny garland to secure the bundle together before placing it on top of the dinner plate.

I’d love to know your napkin folding ideas. Please feel free to share them!

We’re here to help!

red and green holiday items

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You’re well on your way to a successful holiday dinner! Don’t forget to relax and enjoy the time with loved ones.

Season’s greetings!

— Shelley Grieshop

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