What type of custom coffee mug is best for you?

The one that feels good in your hand and keeps your java hot, right?

Well, there is a little more to it than that. A mug’s design, for example, can keep every precious drop of caramel macchiato inside your cup and off your shirt. It’s a physics thing and it matters when rushing to a staff meeting with a hot mug of coffee in your hand.

Another important consideration is the materials used to make your customized ceramic cup or travel mug. Other factors that make a coffee mug your very best friend are handles, base, color and even personalized sayings.

Take a sip and read on to discover what makes the perfect coffee mug!

How do I choose a coffee mug?

It doesn’t matter if you’re buying a souvenir mug on vacation or ordering custom-printed travel mugs by the hundreds for Employee Appreciation Day. You need to keep a few things in mind.

Soak up the science on coffee mug styles

personalized coffee mugs stacked on top of each other

The overall design of a promotional coffee mug should be the first consideration of hardcore coffee drinkers. The shape of the mug is a big factor in performance and spill prevention.

Let’s start by learning how physics weighs in when carrying a mug of coffee:

When you’re walking with a cup of coffee in your hand, your arm joints stiffen and the energy typically used for the motion is transferred to your mug. A person’s gait, subsequently, enhances the sloshing effect of the liquid hitting the sides of the coffee mug’s interior.

The design of your mug can help reduce that back-and-forth motion of your coffee or cappuccino. Researchers suggest using cups designed with a series of ringed ridges or broken ridged rings inside the cup. This can prevent the fluid from reaching the rim and spilling over.

Totally Promotional’s 16 oz. Coffee Cup Tumbler has a series of four ridges inside to help prevent spillage. This low-cost tumbler even includes a lid with an easy slide opening for added protection.

red 16 ounce custom coffee cup tumbler on a table

Here are a few other coffee cup styles that are designed to reduce or eliminate spills while on the go:

16 oz. Insulated Stainless Steel Tumbler — This is a really slick and professional-looking travel mug. The lid easily flips to the side when you’re ready for that morning caffeine kick. The double-wall insulation keeps your java hot for hours!

20 oz. Stainless Steel Tumbler — True coffee addicts will love this large tumbler with lid. It’s a sleek style that works hard to keep your beverage steaming for six hours! Its non-slip bottom ensures the bosses’ monthly report won’t include coffee stains.

16 oz. Gathering Travel Tumbler — This is my favorite! Your team or staff will appreciate this durable, plastic tumbler with an easy-to-grip silicone band. It, too, comes with a sturdy lid to keep every drop of coffee intact.

14 oz. Cork Base Coffee Mug — Yes, even a ceramic mug can have its own lid! This coffee mug is beautiful and practical. The cork base protects desks from heat and scratch marks and the spill-resistant, slide-action lid is a nice bonus!

Select a material that suits your needs

custom printed coffee mugs with unique sayings

Manufacturers today use a variety of materials when creating coffee mugs. Take a look at a few of the most popular types and their top benefits:

  • Ceramic coffee mugs: You can’t beat ceramic coffee mugs for flavor protection. Ceramic doesn’t absorb or transmit flavor so you get the natural taste of your daily grind or hot chai tea. My personal favorite is the 13 oz. Ceramic Campfire Mug in speckled red.
  • Stainless steel tumblers: Durability is the prize when choosing stainless steel travel mugs and tumblers. Unlike ceramic mugs, their outside surface won’t chip or crack when dropped. They also are easily recycled when no longer needed. And don’t forget their ability to keep liquids hot for long periods. This is a standard benefit for coffee mugs with double-wall insulation such as our towering 20 oz. The Viking Collection Tumbler.
  • Plastic coffee mugs: When your company wants to gift its workers and stay on budget, plastic coffee mugs are the solution. The 16 oz. Savor The Flavor Stackable Tumbler is a great example of a dependable plastic coffee mug with a low price tag. It even offers a brown, paper sleeve to protect your hands.
  • Acrylic mugs: Coffee mugs made with acrylic offer added durability and strength, as well as affordability. This can be an important factor when serving young children or people with disabilities. Popular styles such as the 16 oz. Timeless Acrylic Mug are low-cost and reusable. If you want a handsome, acrylic mug with lids and straws, order the 14 oz. Double Wall Acrylic To-Go Mug. Its large handle and more than a dozen product colors make it an easy choice.
  • Custom paper coffee cups: If you don’t have room to store reusable cups, consider the custom coffee cups’ disposable benefit. You can stack the cups and lids in your break room or employee cafe for easy storage.

Consider the size

All drinkware at Totally Promotional is measured to the brim. This means a 12-oz. serving of hot cocoa will completely fill a 12-oz. coffee mug. That is almost a guaranteed spill!

Avoid coffee drips and stains by ordering a mug size that easily accommodates the amount of liquid you or your group typically consume in a serving. The average coffee mug size is 8 to 10 ounces. However, if your club or board members include serious caffeine lovers, you’ll need something larger.

Totally Promotional has everything from 3 oz. Espresso Ceramic Cups to our hefty 22 oz. Grooved Acrylic Mugs!

Customize it for branding power

Breakrooms, cafeterias and cafes are filled with a sea of plain, coffee mugs. It’s bland and boring. Who wants that? Personalization catches the eye and gives your business or organization name special attention.

Put your company logo, inspirational quote or photo on coffee cups and defy the ordinary! It’s an affordable way to draw clients to your brand or boost your awareness campaign.

Stand out, be special, get noticed. With minimums as low as six on several styles, it makes sense to personalize coffee mugs for employee rewards and student achievements.

Now that you know how to choose a coffee mug for your gang, browse our customizable coffee cup selection and order yours today!

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