Do you have a business logo? If so, you need custom business stickers to promote your company.

Company stickers and labels are extremely effective tools for getting your name and logo out there. They can be used in a variety of ways to promote your business and create instant brand recognition.

It’s very affordable to hand vinyl stickers out at community events or place them on packages you ship to clients. The options for using promotional stickers are endless!

10 ways to brand with custom company stickers

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Here are some of the most popular ways to use cheap stickers with logos for businesses:

  1. Create kid-friendly designs with your logo to give young patients at hospitals and doctors’ offices.
  2. Expand your political campaign with customized bumper stickers for cars.
  3. Place personalized labels on your craft beer or wine bottles.
  4. Hand out custom giveaways decorated with your business logo stickers.
  5. Use company stickers to identify office equipment such as laptops and tablets.
  6. Attach stickers printed with your logo and a thank-you message to packages sent to customers.
  7. Add promotional stickers to paper coffee sleeves in your café for added name exposure.
  8. Place business stickers on hard hats to expand branding at work sites.
  9. Use custom stickers on sports water bottles to give runners at races you sponsor.
  10. Order business logo stickers to use as tamper-proof security seals on equipment.

Next, let’s dive into the history of stickers and how they work.

Who invented the sticker?

ray stanton avery

Stickers have been around since 1935. That’s when inventor Ray Stanton Avery created the world’s first, self-adhesive label. Those first labels weren’t anything fancy. They were basic, round stickers printed with prices for products.

If the name “Avery” makes you think of office supplies, you’ve got the right guy. Ray Stanton Avery founded Avery Adhesives in 1935. The company merged with Dennison Manufacturing in 1990 and became Avery Dennison, a current Fortune 500® corporation.

How do company stickers work?

The success of promotional stickers is a science based on adhesion and cohesion.

  • Adhesion is the process of binding molecules of different substances together.
  • Cohesion is the process of attracting molecules of the same substance.

Stickers and decals get their adhesive quality by the arrangement of macromolecules or molecular ropes. They naturally allow the molecules to stick tightly to one another and other surfaces.

Research for new and better gripping adhesives is ongoing to create stickers that attach to everything, from padfolios to backpacks.

BIG TIPS when ordering business stickers

different styles of stickers graphic

Before you start thinking about sizes, shapes and colors, I want to explain the three ways business logo stickers are formatted for customers:

  • Singles: Each sticker is separate or “individually cut” from one another and ready to distribute.
  • Rolls: Hundreds of company stickers or labels are placed on a backing paper roll that allows for easy peeling.
  • Sheets: Multiple sets of stickers are arranged on backing paper sheets for removal as needed.

Custom stickers at Totally Promotional are identified as individually cut, rolls or sheets in the item’s name or product description.

What sizes and shapes of company stickers do I need?

Browsing through all the shapes and sizes of business stickers can be overwhelming! But it’s not as difficult as you think to choose the right ones for you. Much of your decision will rely on how you intend to use your business stickers.

Business sticker sizes

Ask yourself this: Do my business stickers need to be a certain size to fit on a package, product, giveaway, flyer, vehicle, door or sign? If so, be sure to carefully measure the area where your stickers will be placed — then shop for the appropriate sticker size.

Visibility can also be a factor when determining what size company stickers you need. If your sticker or label will be seen close up such as on a travel mug, a smaller size will do. But if you want your targeted audience to see your logo on a large sign or bumper sticker, go big! This is especially important advice if your logo art is more detailed.

Business sticker shapes

Simple Circle Stickers are the most common shape used today. Totally Promotional offers circle-shaped stickers in sizes from 1-inch full color to 8-inch full color. The same shape and sizes are also available with one-color imprints.

The second-most popular shape is the square sticker, followed closely by ovals and rectangles. But shape selections don’t stop there! Here are a few of our most unusual (and some of my favorites!):

How to design and order business logo stickers

how to design business logo stickers

Your design needs to be eye-catching and memorable to get the most out of your custom company stickers. Here are a few tips for creating the perfect design for your stickers:

  • Use bright colors to help your stickers stand out from the crowd. Make sure the colors you choose are consistent with your company’s theme and logo.
  • Don’t try to cram too much information onto your business sticker. Use just one or two elements such as your logo and company name, especially if the sticker is small.
  • Make your sticker design relevant to your business. If there is adequate space on the sticker, include a photo of one of your products or a symbol of your service.

Review the many company sticker shapes and sizes at Totally Promotional and click on your favorite. Our easy, online ordering process will prompt you to select production and delivery times and colors.

You can upload your logo, design or text during the online process or email it to us later. Either way, you’ll receive a digital mockup to approve before we start creating your stickers.

Let’s make your business stickers now!

Every business can prosper by using promotional stickers. I’m sure you already have a few ideas for making stickers a part of your company’s marketing success. It’s time to get noticed!

Still got questions? Chat with us online or give us a call at 1-866-795-4657. We’re here to help!

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