Custom flasks have long been associated with good times and sneaky behavior. Their legendary history has made them one of today’s most desirable gifts.

The new selection of personalized flasks at Totally Promotional keeps that classy and mysterious reputation alive! The beautiful materials we use for our customizable flasks are only outdone by the expert printing we do on each.

I like to give customers a little background on the products we debut. So, let’s plunge into flask history, some how-tos and a few trivia tidbits you might find interesting.

FAQs for custom flasks

What is a flask?

old flask
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A flask is a small container used to carry alcohol in a pocket or purse. Flasks have been around since at least the 17th century when people sought a vessel to easily transport clean water to consume away from home.

Flasks were initially made out of earthen materials and animal bladders. Eww, right? Some were crudely constructed out of wineskin. They were created in various shapes and sizes, similar to canteens, to fit the needs of travelers.

The popularity of the flask soared during the Prohibition years in the ’20s when it was illegal to make, transport or purchase alcohol. Flasks became essential for hiding “moonshine” when away from home during that era.

Custom flasks for men and women are still used to inconspicuously carry whiskey and other hard liquors for different reasons. Many of the custom drinking flasks on the market today are very showy and fashionable; most are made of glass and sleek metal.

The flasks manufactured and printed these days are often used as a means of expression. Consumers frequently print custom flasks with a favorite quote or engrave them with an artistic design such as the American flag.

How are hip flasks used?

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Hip flasks and other types of personalized flasks are mainly used to carry small amounts of hard alcohol to parties. The most common beverages stored in flasks are whiskey, rum, gin, bourbon, vodka and brandy.

Grooms often give personalized flasks to their groomsmen as a gift. It’s not unusual for the groom and best man to take a nip or two of hard liquor to calm their nerves on the wedding day!

Others who order flasks for various uses include:

  • Golfers and golf course managers: Branded flasks are hot items in pro shops.
  • Business executives: Promotional flasks in bulk are excellent high-end gifts for clients. Our 8 oz. Stanley® Easy Fill Wide Mouth Flask is a popular holiday present.
  • Men’s clubs: Flasks with club logos are top membership gifts.
  • Sports associations and clubs: Team names and mascots are preferred imprints on flasks given to athletes and owners.
  • Bourbon trail tour companies: Bourbon flasks are one of the biggest sellers at souvenir shops in Kentucky.

Engraved flasks, such as our 6 oz. Keen Stainless Steel Hip Flask, are sometimes filled with whiskey and taken to chilly outdoor sporting events to feel warm. Flasks are also taken to private parties when guests aren’t sure if a favorite drink will be available.

But be aware that alcohol is not always allowed or acceptable at some venues; check before you go. Also, it only takes a few sips to be considered under the influence. Drink and drive responsibly.

What are some cool features of flasks?

customizable keychain mini flask

Flasks today are made with a variety of features for convenience and to make an impression. Browse a few of our most unique custom flasks and their special features:

What is the best material for flasks?

customizable stainless steel flask

All the flask materials at Totally Promotional meet today’s manufacturing standards. It’s difficult to say which materials are best; they all serve a particular purpose and value to individual customers.


Some of the earliest flasks were made with glass. It certainly is durable and has a neutral effect on flavor and aroma. However, glass is fragile and will easily break if dropped. It’s also heavier than other materials so it’s not as easy to store in a pants pocket.


Pewter is a metal alloy that is mixed with other materials such as silver and copper. It is a soft material, which makes it easier to carry and handle. But pewter can negatively affect the taste of alcohol if the flask doesn’t have a protective lining.

Stainless steel/metal

Stainless steel is by far the most loved flask material. The polished look of smooth stainless steel gives flasks an Old-World appeal. It’s also the material of choice due to affordability, sturdiness and its ability to be thoroughly cleaned to preserve taste.

Our 6 oz. Hatfield Flask is a customer favorite that combines stainless steel, a faux leather accent strip and a spill-resistant lid.

How long can you keep whiskey in a flask?

If possible, drink the whiskey you place in your flask on the same day you fill it. Hard liquors will start to lose flavor if kept in a flask for more than a day or two.

Whiskey manufacturers say most spirits will develop a metallic taste after three days in a stainless steel flask. It’s best to immediately remove any leftover whiskey from your flask and place it in a glass container for longer storage.

You can estimate the amount of whiskey you’ll likely drink at an event by the length of time you plan to be there. Also think about the other guests and their drinking habits before deciding how much whiskey to put in your custom flask.

Where can I get custom flasks made wholesale?

You can order custom flasks wholesale at Totally Promotional! We have a tremendous selection of personalized flasks in many styles and sizes. Our flasks are available in popular colors such as silver, black and even rose gold!

Ordering is easy with our online, state-of-the-art process. Simply tell us the quantity you want and enter your ZIP code. Choose your production and delivery times, and product and imprint colors.

You can upload your logo or design to us or email it to us later when it’s convenient for you. Our trained graphic designers will send you a proof of your design at no charge. When you approve it, your order will be sent to production!

Start shopping for your custom drinking flasks today!

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