Ready for simple DIY craft ideas for kids that won’t leave you broke? Me, too!

Blank promotional products are cheaply priced and make great foundations for many kids’ craft projects. Order in bulk for Scouts, after-school art classes and 4-H clubs. I also recommend stocking up with blank promotional items for DIY projects involving senior citizens or those with disabilities.

Like many of you, I love to scroll through the crafty ideas on Pinterest. But too often the projects I find require mega hours to complete and a long list of materials I can’t afford.

So, I’m going to share some very easy DIY craft ideas for all of us rookies. The basic supplies for these projects are blank cups, can coolers, markers and Frisbees® — items you can buy reasonably priced in bulk at Totally Promotional.

These project ideas are designed for kids and DIY novices of all ages. Their simple nature will promote confidence and jump-start the craft master that lies within all of us!

Feel free to share these easy DIY craft ideas with friends, art teachers and anyone else you think might enjoy making them.

Lovable Halloween Lanterns With Blank Cups

Halloween crafts with blank promo items

Cups of all sizes and materials are a basic staple for tons of DIY craft ideas. Add tea lights and your creations will come to life! This is a wonderful craft project for Halloween with simple promotional products.

Craft Materials

Materials: Blank plastic cups, matching lids (optional), a black Sharpie® marker, tea lights

Step 1: Wash and thoroughly dry the cups.

Step 2:  Draw spooky faces on your upside-down cups. Use your imagination or check out our Halloween & Fall Finds! board on Pinterest for tips.

Crafts for Kids' Tutorial

Step 3: After your marker designs are dry, place a tea light beneath each cup (or on the inside of the lid if using one) and light ’em up!

Tea Lights for Crafts

Placement ideas:

  • Group a few together as a Halloween mob for a “spooktacular” table setting.

DIY Craft Ideas for Halloween

  • Place them individually on shelves or countertops.
  • Put one or two in the bathroom as a nightlight.

Krafty Koozies® | Decorated Blank Can Coolers

Drawing on blank can coolers

Materials: Blank can coolers, colored markers

One of our best customers, Tonia Fortkamp, found a cheap and hassle-free art project that keeps all eight of her children (including four foster children) busy during camping trips: DIY decorated can coolers as craft supplies.

“Every time we go camping I give the kids plain, white koozies and Sharpie® markers to color them with,” said the Fort Recovery, Ohio, mom. “It gives them something to do.”

Fortkamp said each year she buys about 100 blank can coolers and an array of colorful markers for crafting. The kids decorate the can coolers in different themes — OSU Buckeyes, patriotic, Mother’s Day/Fathers’ Day, etc.  — and give them out as gifts, she explained.

kids crafts with blank can coolers

“They never seem to get tired of decorating them,” Fortkamp said.

If you’ve ever experienced camping with kids in bad weather, you’ll appreciate a DIY craft like this to keep little ones busy.

Blank flying disc crafts for kids

coloring blank flying discs

Flying discs and everyday paper plates are great craft supplies for doodling and decorating. What a fun idea for daycare centers, after-school programs or just rainy days inside!

Blank flying discs

Materials: Blank flying disks and/or blank paper plates, colored markers. Optional supplies: stickers, glitter, craft googly eyes

Will and Lane (below), sons of Totally Promotional employees, had a blast decorating blank flying discs with monster faces and sports designs. They had even more fun showing them off and playing with them later!

flying disc craft

Fun Kids Crafts

Kids Crafts with Plates

Expert DIY craft ideas and tips

Amanda Formaro is my idol when it comes to DIY craft ideas. The mother of four from Wisconsin has written several craft books and numerous articles for Parents Magazine and others.

Formaro’s blog, Crafts by Amanda, gives tutorials on crafting for kids and adults. Because I have grandchildren who like to create, I was drawn to 37 Halloween Party Ideas for Kids.

One of my favorites is Halloween Paper Plate Crafts, which includes easy instructions for making adorable Frankensteins, bats and pumpkins.

halloween paper plates crafts by amanda
Courtesy of

You might also be interested in other craft ideas using Sharpie® markers. Take a look at our DIY Sharpie® Mugs for Gifts and Party Ideas blog. It has a few project ideas more suited for adults or those with DIY craft experience.

Keep in mind that all of our promotional products can be ordered blank. Either choose the blank option when browsing our products or select “blank” when ordering. We make it easy!

Enjoy the DIY world of crafting!

— Shelley Grieshop

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