My grandchildren have proven that almost anything can be made with duct tape — even a duct tape water bottle holder!

Wallets, bookmarks, bracelets … I’ve received their darling, duct tape gifts for years now. Duct tape crafts are a hobby for people of all ages. Pinterest is filled with thousands of project ideas.

Duct tape water bottle holders and koozies®

Totally Promotional customers tell us that our blank can coolers make the perfect base for DIY duct tape water bottle holders. The durable “coozies,” as they are often called, also keep the water cold and refreshing!

We also have a fantastic selection of customizable water bottles in plastic or aluminum that can be refilled for repeated use. You can choose blank water bottles or have yours customized to promote a business, nonprofit organization, school or message.

I have to say these water bottle holders are terribly cute and very functional. The long straps are perfect for slinging around your neck or shoulders when taking a walk or a bike ride.

Watch our step-by-step video on how to make a duct tape water bottle holder:

How to create a DIY duct tape water bottle holder

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DIY Water Bottle Holder Steps

Cut a 1-yard strip of duct tape to create the strap (customize the size to fit the user). Fold the duct tape in half lengthwise, carefully pressing the sticky sides together. Weave one end of the strap in and out of the hole at the bottom of the can cooler. Secure the ends of the straps together by wrapping them with a 2-inch strip of duct tape. Place a full water bottle inside the can cooler to make taping easier.

Next Steps - DIY Water Bottle Holder

Wrap an 8-inch strip of duct tape along the bottom and over the strap on each side to secure them in place. Use two 4-inch strips of duct tape to completely cover the bottom of the can cooler and reinforce the sides. Cut three 8-inch strips of duct tape to wrap horizontally around the can cooler, starting at the bottom. Do not pull the tape too tightly.

decorate your duct tape water bottle holder

Coordinating duct tape or other craft supplies can be used to decorate your water bottle holder, if desired.

Get creative and have fun with duct tape and koozies

You can find an endless selection of affordable duct tape in various colors, patterns and widths at hobby shops and hardware stores. A 10-yard roll of colored duct tape usually costs about $5. Our blank can coolers cost about $1.35 each for 12. Schools, daycares, craft clubs and senior citizen groups buy them in bulk to save even more money.

This is a great project for kids at summer camp or any organization that is looking for an affordable activity for its members. Leslie Bruggeman, a Girl Scout leader from Pittsburgh, Pa., told Totally Promotional her troop used our can coolers to make the water bottle duct tape holders at a recent camp outing.

“The koozies worked perfectly and the girls loved their water bottle holders,” Bruggeman said.

Fancy rolls of duct tape also can be used to add a little jazz to affordable tote bags and lunch bags, blank cups, customizable flying discs and many other items!

Did you master an adorable duct tape project? If so, please share your experience in the comment section below!

Happy duct taping!

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