Keep kids busy and add DIY décor to your dinner table with free Thanksgiving printables!

You can roast a turkey to perfection and keep sweet potatoes from burning. But how do you keep kids from racing through your house like a tornado? Crayons and Thanksgiving printables, that’s how. Let the kiddos color and create adorable utensil holders for each guest.

Thanksgiving printables for kids

Prepare ahead:

  • View the printable Thanksgiving images below and click the link to the design you want. Each image will produce two utensil holders when printed.
  • Print the images on white or ivory cardstock or similar paper. Cardstock is a little sturdier than normal copy paper but flexible enough for folding.
  • Cut out the printables and trim if necessary.
thanksgiving printables
1. Thankful Grateful Blessed | 2. Happy Turkey Day | 3. Happy Thanksgiving | 4. Gobble til you Wobble

The day of the party:

  • Place the Thanksgiving printables on a kids-only table. Put crayons in a container that is easily accessible to small fingers.
    Tip: Give each child a customized Thanksgiving cup filled with crayons. They can take the cups home as a Thanksgiving party favor!
  • Have the children color to their heart’s delight!
  • Fold the printables where the pattern ends.
  • Adhere the sides together with a strong adhesive.
  • Have the children place folded napkins and utensils inside each holder.

Gobble til you wobble!

Thanksgiving Favors and Party Supplies

That’s it! Your guests will love the personal artwork. The kids will feel good about helping with the meal. And you’ll be dubbed the best hostess ever!

Our Turkey Treat Cups are another great Thanksgiving craft idea to check out for kids.

For more great Thanksgiving tips and tricks, visit our Thanksgiving Things Pinterest board.

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Happy Thanksgiving all!

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