Holiday branding ideas are the pick-me-up your business needs right now.

Promoting your brand prior to Thanksgiving and Christmas is crucial to maximizing holiday profits. We are entering the busiest shopping season of the year. It’s the perfect time to put your marketing plan into overdrive.

What started out as a simple thank-you, ended up being spun into a great marketing campaign.

Lisa Davenport of LDD Interiors

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Many successful businesses use promotional products to familiarize audiences with their brand all year round!

Proven holiday branding ideas for your business

custom hats

A thankful marketing strategy

Lisa Davenport, Founder & CEO of LDD Interiors of Connecticut and Florida, has used promotional products to thank vendors and contractors the past three holiday seasons.

“The three items we used were baseball caps with our logo, travel mugs with our logo and (water) bottles with our logo,” she said. 

The company added a twist to its holiday marketing idea to maximize their brand exposure. They asked recipients to post their gifts to social media and explain how they used them.

“What started out as a simple thank-you, ending up being spun into a great marketing campaign,” Davenport said.

custom t shirts

Promotional items are top holiday branding ideas

Jane Kovalkova, Chief Marketing Officer of Chanty, promotes the SaaS software company’s brand with promotional products worn and used in-house.

“We’re invited for quite a few interviews these days because we sell an app for team communication and collaboration, so we get a lot of press coverage,” she explained. “Since we can’t give out physical promo products, we try to find other ways to get the word out there.”

Her employees wear branded T-shirts while doing video interviews and display a banner as a backdrop with a large Chanty logo on it to keep their brand visible, Kovalkova said.

“We also have (custom) mugs …. and all of our computer screens in the background are set to our logo,” she added.

your design here travel mug

Giveaways are marketing tools

Jack Choros, CMO of IronMonk Solutions of New York, takes a simpler approach to holiday marketing.

“I know it sounds cheesy but we like to give away hats and coffee tumblers,” he said. “People use them and it exposes our brand to everyone walking down the street.”

Chorus said their target clients are local and he is confident the promotional products they’ve chosen are perfect for their marketing goals.

your design here tote bags

Give practical gifts that last

Mike Bran, founder and CEO of ThrillAppeal of Sherman Oaks, Calif., is a small business owner who knows customized products give his company an edge.

“Promotional products are fantastic marketing tools as they help a brand engage with its customers most efficiently and quickly,” he said.

Bran said the holiday season is the best time to use promotional products to increase sales. It’s one of his top holiday branding ideas.

“We used two promotional products for our holiday branding — customized T-shirts and customized bags,” he explained.

Bran said he chose T-shirts because they are a long-lasting product and consumers keep them for months or years. He knows his company name and logo will be seen many times by numerous potential clients. Customized bags are practical gifts that provide extreme benefits to customers, Bran said.

“We used customized promotional bags for our holiday branding and our customers really liked the product,” he said. “The response and overall statistics were amazing.”

holiday water bottles

Gifts focused for remote workers

Chris Waltenbaugh, Payment Processing Expert at Payment Depot of Orange, Calif., has a holiday plan that aligns with the company’s work-from-home population.

“This year we decided to focus our promotional product branding efforts on working from home,” Waltenbaugh said. “We tried to select items that would improve the experience of those who are now putting time in at the home office.”

Remote workers will receive desk organizers, stationery kits, branded water bottles and healthy snacks. The gifts they customize will expose the company logo to clients during video conferences and help remote employees feel like part of the team.

Let holiday branding ideas put a jingle in your wallet!

Has your budget been hit hard this year? Make your branding efforts count. Get inspired by the holiday branding ideas shared here and find your niche. Our sales representatives and experienced graphic designers are here to help.

Promotional items are the kickstart your business needs for holiday branding and a successful year. Shop our holiday selection today!

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