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How to host an amazing Easter Beer Hunt

Holidays aren’t just for kids. So ice down some brewskies for a wacky Easter Beer Hunt!

Start by giving your activity a clever name like “Y’Easter Beer Safari” or “Tour de Bunny Hops.” Next set a party date and contact guests. Ask each person to bring a six-pack of their favorite alcoholic beverage or a new brew to try.

easter beer bunnies

If you’re feeling generous, buy the booze yourself and decorate the cans or bottles in Easter frill or pastel colors before hiding them.

Give your hunters an incentive (as if a cold one isn’t enough) by placing each decorated or plain beer in a custom can cooler before hiding. This serves two purposes: the beer will remain cold during the hunt and your guests will have a favor they can use and take home.

Next — and this step is crucial — count the beers so you know when the last one is found. (Sure beats getting sprayed by a warm, stale beer struck by your lawn mower in July.)

custom tote bags

Give your guests some type of container to place the beer in when found. You can use fancy beer holders or simple but strong canvas tote bags.

Now it’s time to hide the beers in your yard within designated boundaries. Stash them in thick bushes, tree branches, tall grass, bird feeders … use your imagination! Leaves, mulch, stone and blades of grass make great camouflage.

hiding beer bunnies

How to play

The rules you set should be tailored to fit your crowd. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. The winner, of course, is the person who finds the most beers.
  2. Each player must drink the beer at the spot they find it before searching for another. This is optional, of course. If you enact this rule, add the words “and remains standing” to No. 1.
  3. Pushing and shoving is not allowed. Wrestling is permitted.
  4. The loser must:
  • Take a shot of Schnapps or other liquor
  • Drink and eat with their opposite hand for the rest of the party
  • Solo dance in front of the winner

Hail to the champ!

cheers with beer bunnies

Get that victor a throne! (A folding chair or chaise lounge would be appreciated, I’m sure.) You definitely want to have a few prizes on hand for the winner. I recommend a special beer mug or a gift certificate to a nearby craft brewery.

Not sure yet? To prove how easy it is to plan and execute, we conducted our own Easter Beer Hunt. Watch our Totally Promotional crew in action and get inspired!

Get everything you need for your big party at our Easter Shop. You can use our extensive design templates or send us your own image to personalize your can coolers, cups and more!

Start planning your very own Easter Beer Hunt today!

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