Selfie lights can give cellphones, webcams and other tech devices an inexpensive lighting upgrade.

Does your group take selfies, work remote or make money as influencers? Do they need adequate lighting on the go to shoot videos? Give them personalized selfie ring lights printed with your logo to enhance their projects and abilities.

Custom selfie ring lights for phones are trendy gifts, rewards, giveaways and incentives. They also give your corporate logo plenty of exposure, which boosts your branding power.

What is a selfie ring light?

woman using a customized selfie ring light on her phone

A selfie ring light is a small, portable light that typically attaches to your phone or webcam. It illuminates your face while video conferencing, taking selfies or creating videos.

You’ll find several different types of selfie ring lights at Totally Promotional. Here are a few styles to consider:

  • Zoom Meeting Ring Lights on desktop computers are designed to remove unflattering shadows when remote workers are on video calls.
  • Cell Phone Clip-On Ring Lights can quickly be attached to a phone to provide adequate lighting in all types of settings.
  • Webcam Ring Lights can clip to a desk, shelf or webcam and easily adjust to shine the perfect amount of light on your subject.

Totally Promotional has several different types for iPhones and Androids in a variety of colors, styles and prices to fit your needs.

Why use a selfie ring light?

promotional selfie ring light on a laptop

Maybe your team isn’t working remote or producing videos. But I’ll bet they take selfies now and then. Believe it or not, one in three photos taken today are selfies! Unfortunately, not all selfies turn out great; inadequate lighting is often the problem.

Branded selfie lights brighten up the surrounding area to help produce professional-looking pictures of an individual or group. No more squinting in the dark or trying to find the perfect angle. Just simply attach the selfie light, point and shoot!

These fascinating tools can also enhance facial features, giving subjects a flattering self-portrait every time. Plus, they’re just plain fun to use!

Are selfie lights worth it?

phone and custom selfie light setup with laptop

Custom selfie ring lights are a must-have for creating quality photos or videos via phone, camera or webcam. Their ability to illuminate surroundings makes them useful for many other tasks.

Here are just a few ways they can be used:

  • Selfies with friends and family
  • Online gaming
  • Remote video calls on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc.
  • Creating videos for personal use
  • Producing videos/podcasts for influencers
  • Vlogging
  • Makeup application

It’s no secret that custom selfie ring lights for phones are a huge trend. Corporations give them as gifts for Employee Appreciation Day and use them to fill swag bags for special giveaways. They also are used as gift incentives for workers and students.

Clubs and organizations often use personalized selfie lights to raise awareness of important issues. It’s easy and affordable to outfit your staff with LED Phone Clip-On Lights to assist with outreach duties.

Giving away useful items people want creates a positive impression on your business or group. That makes these popular items a valuable investment for any organization.

Custom selfie lights are a marketing genius

These phone accessories certainly are nothing new. In fact, they’ve been around for years. But they are a relatively new concept that is quickly gaining popularity among advertisers and marketing teams.

Custom selfie lights are mobile accessories that can showcase your company logo or name wherever they are used. It’s actually a win-win advertising plan. They can also serve as a gift for your staff or photography club members and empower your brand at the same time.

It’s time for you to find the perfect selfie light for your group!

What should I look for in custom selfie lights?

customized selfie lights gif

When creating our selection at Totally Promotional we looked for products that produced high-quality pictures and video with a focus on clarity. Our experts also ensured our new line of selfie lights included brightness level adjustments and were compatible with most smartphones and webcams.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping:

  • First, consider how they’ll be used.
  • Second, think about the size of the light. Some selfie ring lights are larger than others, so make sure you choose one that will fit comfortably on most phones.
  • Third, check the price. Our selfie lights at Totally Promotional start at about $4 each when purchased in bulk quantities. We have a wide price range to fit any budget.
  • Fourth, look for product and imprint colors to accent your logo or company theme. We offer one-color and full-color imprints on various styles.

With so many options available, it’s easy to see why these budget-friendly promotional products are so popular with every age group!

What are you waiting for? Check out our brand-new selfie ring lights to build your brand. You won’t be disappointed!

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