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Ordering the right size T-shirts for a group or a giveaway shouldn’t be a guessing game.

We’ve taken the mystery out of it with a size estimator calculator. Simply type in the number of custom T-shirts you need and receive a size breakdown in seconds!

T-Shirt Size Breakdown Calculator

Use our calculator to find the estimated breakdown of sizes for your bulk T-shirt order. The results given are based on the most common shirt sizes sold in the U.S.

T-shirt size ordering tips

The T-shirt size breakdown calculator is very handy when you need a bulk amount for teams, trade show giveaways and other events. However, you may want to tweak your results in some circumstances such as:

  • when ordering for a group with a similar physical build such as bodybuilders or gymnasts.
  • when ordering T-shirts with an over-sized or fitted style. Be sure to check the size chart on the product detail page. Measurements can vary from one brand or style to another. Take into consideration whether your group prefers roomy T-shirts or a snug fit.
  • when in doubt, order a size up. Shirts that are too tight will not be worn as often as a looser fit.

We make T-shirt ordering easy!

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The thought of designing custom T-shirts for a group can be overwhelming. To boost your confidence, read my best designing tips.

I also have a FREE printable T-shirt order form that is quite useful when you need to gather sizes from your staff or team. The PDF can be printed and distributed. Check out my Google Sheets T-shirt order form for easy sharing.

Get started today by browsing our complete line of short– and long-sleeve T-shirts in the most popular styles and brands.

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