Pantone is waking up the world with Viva Magenta as its Color of the Year 2023.

Pantone’s color experts announced its annual color inspiration as “Magentaverse” during an event Dec. 1, 2022.

Expect to see this vibrant descendent of the red family in everything next year from home décor to lipstick. The Pantone 18-1750 Viva Magenta color palette truly is an attention-getter that “embraces the unconventional,” Pantone Color Institute VP Laurie Pressman said during the reveal.

If you love this unconventional shade of pink and purple, how can you welcome it into your business? I can think of a few ways. But first, take a look at the advantages corporations and retailers can gain by using Pantone’s Color of the Year 2023:

Why use the Pantone 2023 Color of the Year?

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If you’re following best branding rules you probably already have a company color that’s featured with your logo. Kudos to you! As marketing specialists, we would never tell you to change that unless you’re undergoing a branding transformation.

However, adding Viva Magenta as an accent to your marketing and communication strategies can have advantages:

  • It shows your company is up to date on trends
  • It tells customers you have an open mind to change
  • It can spark new ideas and future color concepts

How businesses can use Viva Magenta in marketing

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Even a subtle splash of Viva Magenta can energize your company or organization brand. Here are a few ideas:

Customized promotional items

Place your logo on promotional products in your favorite shade of magenta or fuchsia. Some of the most popular customized merch for businesses are lanyards, table covers, can coolers, polos and custom T-shirts. Use these items as giveaways for clients and potential customers or give them to employees as rewards. Hint: Employee Appreciation Day is March 3, 2023.

Website design and graphics

Incorporate the Color of the Year 2023 with shades of crimson and other red tones on your website. Use it as a background color or in graphics on your home page. If possible, add it as an accent color in product images.

Communications/customer relations

Add Pantone’s spark of color to printed newsletters, samples or packaging you send out next year. It’s a great opportunity to turn heads and get your customers’ attention.

Interior design

Give your company’s lobby a makeover with hints of magenta in framed pictures, accent pillows and signage.

Why Viva Magenta was Pantone’s latest pick

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The Pantone Color Institute team didn’t hold back when describing their choice for Color of the Year 2023. They defined it as vibrating with “vim and vigor,” “brave and fearless” and “powerful and empowering.”

Laurie Pressman, vice president of the Pantone Color Institute, said Viva Magenta is a “balance between warm and cool.” She also noted it “embraces the unconventional” and calls on each of us to “brave new journeys.”

Elley Cheng, vice president and general manager of Pantone, stressed the importance of color in our lives.

“Color is one of the best ways to express ourselves,” she said, adding it helps us to be “known and understood.”

We invite you to express yourself with magenta or the many other popular and unique colors at Totally Promotional.

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Shelley Grieshop is a former newspaper journalist who earned more than a dozen Associated Press awards for her in-depth research and writing skills. In May 2016, she joined Totally Promotional as a creative writer. She currently writes company blogs about branding, marketing, logos, wedding planning and much more. One of her life goals is to teach people when to use hyphens and apostrophes.

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