No matter how careful you are, your custom table cover is likely to get a few wrinkles now and then. So I’d like to share some expert tips on how to reduce wrinkles so your table cover looks crisp and clean every time you use it!

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One of the best ways to keep your trade show table cover looking smooth is to fold it correctly before storing it. Proper folding can reduce wrinkles and save you valuable time preparing for a trade show or other special event.

How to fold your tablecloth to minimize wrinkles

how to fold a tablecloth step 1

Step 1: Start with the backside of your table cover and fold it over the top of the table to the edge. Evenly match the bottom edge of your table cover with the front edge of the table.

step 2 - how to fold a table cover

Step 2: Repeat with the opposite side (the front of the table cover).

Tip: Smooth out the table cover with every fold to help prevent wrinkles from forming.

step 3 - how to fold a table cover

Step 3: Fold one of the sides over the top of the table. The fold should be even with the edge of the table.

step 4 - how to fold a table cover

Step 4: Repeat with the opposite side. You should have a gap between the two short ends on the table.

step 5 - how to fold a table cover

Step 5: Fold the table cover in half. Be sure to evenly match the two folds.

step 6 - how to fold a table cover

Step 6: Fold the table cover in thirds. Your table cover should now resemble the third one shown above.

step 7 - how to fold a table cover

Step 7: Start at the short end and fold the table cover in thirds.

finished folded table cover

Here is a video that also might help you learn how to fold your table cover:

Now you have a neatly folded table cover that should be ready for action the next time it’s needed.

Place your table cover in a bag or other container and store it in a cool, dry place such as a closet. Avoid placing other objects on top of it.

Caring for your table cover material

Spills can happen no matter how careful you are so it’s important to know how to clean your table cover. Here are a few general tips on caring for your table cover material:

  • Remove small stains by rubbing the area gently with mild detergent. Massage the detergent into the material and let it stand for several minutes before rinsing well.
  • For larger stains, pretreat the area with a mild, non-bleach detergent. Machine wash the table cover separately on a delicate cycle using cold water. The same washing machine instructions apply to freshen your table cover.
  • Air drying is recommended, but you can place your table cover in the dryer on low heat if removed promptly. Do not dry clean.
  • A handheld fabric steamer may be used to remove stubborn wrinkles. Follow the manufacturer’s directions.

You want your trade show or presentation booth looking its best and so do we! Follow these recommendations and your tablecloth will be ready for your next event.

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