Custom banners are powerful tools for drawing attention if they’re hung correctly. Learning how to hang a banner is crucial to capture that power.

Hardly a day goes by that I don’t see an unreadable banner, wildly flapping in the wind. Fortunately, a little guidance and some helpful tips can make anyone a banner-hanging pro! A properly hung banner is easy to view and has an increased lifespan.

Before you order a custom banner you should decide what material you need and how you want to hang it. Will your banner be fastened to a wall, fence, post or ceiling? Will it be hung indoors or outside?

Your answers to these basic questions will determine the banner style and accessories you’ll need.

What are hems, grommets and pole pockets?

banner grommets

If you’re ordering your first banner, don’t be intimidated by the terminology. Here’s what you need to know:

Hems and grommets: Our most popular banners have 1-inch hems that are folded to the backside and heat-sealed for smoothness and durability. Grommets — metal rings embedded in the hem every 2 feet and in each corner — reinforce pre-cut holes where bungee cords, rope, zip ties and similar items slide through for hanging.

Pole pockets: This style of banner is created when the material at the top and/or bottom of the banner is folded over the backside to form an open pocket for a pole or rod. The folded fabric is heat-sealed to the backside for durability.

Totally Promotional offers 2-inch and 3-inch pole pocket banner options.

How to hang a banner with hems and grommets

zip tie banners

You’ll find many ways to hang a banner with grommets. Here are a few we suggest:

Zip ties
This may be one of the cheapest ways to hang your banner. Push one end of a zip tie through a grommet and an anchor point such as a fence or metal ring. Unite the ends of the zip tie together snugly. It’s usually best to secure all four corners of your banner this way.

Bungee cord
Bungee cords with hooks on each end can provide the tension you need to keep your banner fully displayed. Slide one of the hooks through a corner grommet and the other hook to a secure, fixed object or structure. Similarly anchor the other side, ensuring enough tension to keep the banner’s surface smooth.

Metal carabiners or clips can be guided through grommets at each end of your banner and clipped to stable fixtures. Carabiners are ideal when displaying your banner on a chain-link fence.

Nylon rope
Nylon rope can be slid through grommets or pole pockets and hung from fixed structures such as ceilings, fences, pillars and posts. Polypropylene or polyester rope or cords are recommended. Simply slide one end of the rope through a grommet and tie it off around the fixed object. Using a square knot will help keep it secure.

Suction cups and hooks
Suction cups work best for small, lightweight banners you wish to display on a wall or window. Place your grommet over the hook attached to the suction cup. Make sure the banner is smooth and no wrinkles appear before securing the opposite side to a second suction cup and hook.

How to hang a banner without grommets

how to hand a banner without grommets

Pole pockets
You can use a pole or rope to hang a pole pocket banner without grommets. Just slide the pole or rope through the open pocket and fasten the ends to a fixed structure. Pole pocket banners are often used by communities to hang banners honoring veterans or celebrating holidays.

Two-part velcro is best for hanging a lightweight banner on a wall or other flat surface. One strip of velcro adheres to the wall and the other to the back of the banner. This is a handy method when you plan to switch out banners frequently.

Strong magnets can be used to keep a banner in place on a metal surface. However, some magnets can damage the banner material and lessen the overall visible appeal.

Alternatives to hanging banners

banner stands

Sometimes it’s just not possible to hang a banner where you’d like to brand your company or spread your message. Retractable banner stands can be a great solution when placed in storefronts, lobbies, waiting rooms, auditoriums or entranceways. They are easy to transport from place to place, include a free carrying bag and can be ready to go in seconds!

Custom table covers are also smart options if you don’t have an appropriate place to hang a banner. Our trained professionals will expertly print your logo or any design on high-quality table covers and runners for trade shows, exhibitions or conventions. The polyester material is washable so you can reuse them for years to come.

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