Ordering custom T-shirts for your group or team is a breeze with a little help from experts.

A few helpful tips about T-shirt fabrics, artwork and printing options can make the entire process very smooth!

If you’ve been asked to special order tees with a logo or saying, consider this your cheat sheet. By the time you’re done reading this, you’ll know everything there is to know about ordering your very own logo T-shirts!

FAQs: How do I order custom T-shirts for my group?

Even experienced T-shirt buyers have questions now and then. Here are a few inquiries from our customers and important information we think you should know:

How do I start my T-shirt order?

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Begin your T-shirt order by browsing our great selection of short– and long-sleeved tees for men’s T-shirts, women’s T-shirts and youth T-shirt sizes. We also have a Performance T-Shirts category if you’re looking for wicking fabrics to keep your pickleball team cool and dry.

If you want a real eye-catching tee for your group, order our full-color printed T-shirts!

Choose the style you want and follow the steps, starting with the Price & Delivery Estimator. Our customer-friendly ordering process guides you through the step-by-step checkout process.

What is the best way to order T-shirt sizes for a group?

For the most accurate fit for everyone on your team or in your club, request their sizes before ordering. Click on “View Size Chart” on the product description page of any of our shirts to see the sizes and dimensions available.

To make ordering sizes even easier, Totally Promotional gives you these handy options:

Free T-Shirt Order Form Template

Google Sheets T-Shirt Order Form

If you don’t have sizes for your group, use our T-Shirt Breakdown Calculator to get the information you need. It gives an estimated size breakdown, based on the most common shirt sizes sold in the U.S.

What is the best fabric for T-shirts?

t-shirt fabric breakdown graphic

The material you choose for custom T-shirts for your group should reflect how, when and where they will be worn. Some fabrics are best for colder weather and others are superior for warm temperatures. Each type of T-shirt material offers its own characteristics and benefits.

Four factors you should take into consideration when choosing a T-shirt fabric are weather, comfort, cost and durability. Weigh each of these when considering what type of material is best suited for your group.

Here are the most common T-shirt fabrics:


Cotton is a soft, comfortable material often chosen for summer weather. The natural fibers of cotton help the material breathe and absorb moisture so you stay cooler in warmer weather. The downside: Cotton wrinkles quicker than other materials.


Polyester is often used to create sports jerseys and other T-shirts worn by athletes for high-performing activities. It is a stretchy material that tends to hold its shape, which makes it ideal for baseball and football uniforms. Polyester is lightweight, moisture-wicking and wrinkle-resistant. The downside: Polyester fabrics don’t feel as soft next to your skin as cotton.

Cotton/polyester blend

Most cotton/polyester blend T-shirts use 80 percent polyester and 20 percent cotton. This combination results in a soft yet durable T-shirt that does not easily wrinkle. Tees made with a near equal ratio of cotton and polyester are known to dry quickly and have less chance of shrinking when washed.

Tip: The majority of performance T-shirts at Totally Promotional are made with a cotton/polyester blend.

Polyester/cotton/rayon blend

The polyester/cotton/rayon blend retains the comfortable feel of cotton, yet has the durability and flexibility of polyester and rayon. It is also less prone to wrinkles than most other fabric combinations.

Learn even more about T-shirt fabrics in our helpful blog.

What is yarn count for T-shirts?

Yarn count describes the fineness of the thread used to make the fabric for T-shirts. Often the yarn count description includes a number and the word “singles.” The higher the number, the finer the yarn, the softer the fabric. A heavier, thicker fabric will generally have a low yarn count.

What do you mean by double-needle stitched?

Double-needle or twin-needle stitching uses two needles attached to a single shank or crossbar for sewing hems. It creates two rows of parallel stitching to help prevent stitches from breaking, particularly in stretchy fabrics.

Double-needle stitching is sometimes used just to enhance the look of custom T-shirts for your group.

What are taped neck and shoulder seams?

“Taped neck and shoulders” means a thin piece of fabric has been sewn over the top of the neck and shoulder seams to give the wearer a more comfortable feel. The technique also provides a smoother look in those areas of the T-shirt.

What is the difference between men’s and women’s T-shirts?

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Men’s and women’s tees often differ in design. Each style is designed to flatter a specific gender.

Men’s T-shirts typically are cut straight up and down with extra material added at the neck, shoulders and sleeves for unrestricted movement.

Women’s custom T-shirts are usually slimmer at the waist to follow a female’s natural shape. The sleeves of a woman’s tee are often shorter and the chest area is somewhat looser. The hip area is flared to prevent a tight fit and promote slimming.

Not all manufacturers offer different styles for men’s and women’s T-shirts. Please read the product descriptions for custom T-shirts to ensure you get the perfect fit!

How do I design custom T-shirts for my group or team?

In Step 4 of the ordering process at Totally Promotional, you are given two options: Email us your design later or upload it now and add text.

Email Us Later

This option allows you to send your logo, unique artwork, funny saying, team name or other design when it’s convenient for you. Your estimated production and delivery date may change if you delay sending your artwork.

Upload Logo/Design | Add Text

This option prompts you to upload up to three files, select clip art from our gallery, add text (optional) and submit special instructions.

We accept high-resolution artwork files in AI, EPS, PDF, JPG and PNG formats. Our maximum file size is 30 MB.

Regardless of which option you choose for submitting your artwork, our expert graphic designers are here to help you.

Get valuable tips on mastering T-shirt designs for your crew.

Can I see a sample before my T-shirt is printed?

totally promotional artwork proof for custom t-shirt order

Most certainly! When you choose a T-shirt product color in Step 2, the image of your tee will immediately show you a sample of your color selection.

Before we send your order to production, you will receive a digital artwork proof via email from a graphic designer assigned to you. This allows you to review your order to confirm the design, names and color selection are correct. We won’t start creating your custom tees until we receive your approval.

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