Eco-friendly products are essential to promote Earth Day, your brand and the health of our planet.

Rarely do you find an affordable marketing tool that rewards you twice. But that’s exactly what eco-friendly custom promotional products do when printed with your logo.

More positive news: Studies show consumers look favorably on companies that care about the environment. According to an ASI Central study in 2023, 46 percent of consumers feel more favorable about an advertiser who gave them a sustainable or eco-friendly product. So, it makes sense to upgrade your marketing strategy with a “go green” focus.

5 ways to use eco-friendly giveaways

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  1. Join the movement on Earth Day, April 22, by hosting a special event or online trivia contest. Better yet, practice green initiatives and reap branding benefits all year long!
  2. Hand out eco-friendly giveaways such as Wheat Utensil Sets when celebrating a company milestone or other special achievement. We have many reusable items that are easy to display and distribute at an anniversary celebration or grand opening.
  3. Give conference attendees an Eco-Friendly Jute Tote with Front Pocket to carry documents, bottled water and personal items. Other styles, such as our Non-Woven Two-Tone Sports Bags, can be used for work, grocery shopping, school books and the gym.
  4. Help reduce the amount of trash in our landfills by giving employees reusable 16 oz. Insulated Stainless Steel Tumblers as gifts. They are very much appreciated as holiday gifts and achievement rewards.
  5. Sponsor an event such as a school’s math or STEM competition and give participants a Recycle Notebook with Pen. Eco-friendly giveaways such as these with your name professionally printed will make a positive impression on everyone who sees them.

Bonus tips for eco-friendly marketing

Keep these valuable tips in mind when choosing and using earth-friendly items for your business:

  • “Eco-friendly products” are items considered not harmful to the environment. The term most commonly refers to products that help conserve our resources, reduce pollution and keep us safe. This can include products that are recyclable or made from recyclable materials.
  • Select earth-friendly products that reflect your business. This helps maintain your brand voice, which tells customers who you are and what you value. An example: If you want to promote your gym, reusable water bottles are a good choice.
  • Use multiple eco-friendly products for tiered giveaways. Wheat Active Twin Pens are smart gifts for first-time customers or trade show giveaways. Take it up a notch and give long-time clients Recycled Blankets embroidered with your logo. They won’t forget you or your kindness.
  • Personally hand your sustainable gifts and giveaways to recipients when possible. It’s the most effective way to engage potential clients and jumpstart conversations.
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