The healthcare industry is using promotional products to promote telehealth to patients.

The telemedicine revolution exploded when the pandemic struck in the U.S. in early 2020. Doctors began using video conferencing to see and talk to patients remotely instead of in person.

Hospitals, medical clinics and urgent care centers continue to use promotional products to advertise their telehealth options. Many organizations are printing their logos and telehealth call numbers on giveaways placed in waiting rooms. They also are handing them out at health fairs and other events.

Top 7 items to promote telehealth to patients

Take a look at the most popular items used by the healthcare industry to expand telehealth.

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1. Branded notebooks

imprinted notebook on a desk

Your patients will find a customized notebook handy for jotting down notes during their virtual appointments.

Most popular: 5″x7″ Daily Notebook

2. Bulk bags

personalized black tote bag and blue drawstring bag

Personalized tote bags and drawstring bags are hot items at health fairs and screenings. The large imprint areas provide plenty of space for printing logos, social media icons, contact information and messages.

Most popular: Polypropylene Drawstring Bag

3. Personalized pens

custom pens for healthcare companies

The biggest advantage of custom pens — and the reason they’re one of the most popular promotional products on the market — is they’re used every day! Place logo pens in a basket in your lobby and boost your brand.

Most popular: Bex Pen

4. Custom hand sanitizer

hand sanitizer bottles with your logo

As long as germs and illnesses exist, there will always be a need for hand sanitizer. Give them to patients and keep a few hand sanitizer sprays available for your staff.

Most popular: 1 oz. Custom Hand Sanitizer Bottles

5. Printed stress balls

custom red stress ball

Calm sick patients by giving them custom stress balls to squeeze. The fun shapes such as hearts and capsules can be a physical and mental boost for someone not feeling well.

Most popular: Round Stress Ball

6. Custom-printed phone stands

black phone wallet with your logo

Make it easy for your patients to talk to you hands-free with personalized phone stands. Plus, your name will get plenty of exposure when these are taken to work, school and other public places.

Most popular: Rubberized Phone Wallet With Kickstand

7. Customized screen cleaners

screen cleaner pouch with company name and phone number

Custom screen cleaners will keep smartphones and other devices dirt-free and ready for that virtual appointment.

Most popular: Microfiber Cleaning Cloth With Pouch

Promote telehealth to expand patient options

The American Hospital Association recently noted that telehealth visits help expand medical access to patients, remove excuses to delay appointments, and improve overall outcomes for health.

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  1. For those in the medical field, telehealth is a great alternative that is easier for providers and patients. This article has some great pointers on promoting telehealth to patients. Thanks for sharing this!

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