Some days your job is sunshine and roses. Other days, not so much.

You could be setting yourself up for major health issues if you don’t learn how to relieve stress on the job. When stress energy builds, your body tightens and you clench. Some people even experience headaches and get sick to their stomach. And it can get worse.

A study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health revealed that even relatively mild stress in working adults can lead to long-term disability and an inability to perform daily tasks.

Thankfully, a few minor changes in your lifestyle and outlook on life can help reduce your stress.

How to relieve stress on the job

  1. Eat and drink sensibly: Alcohol and overeating can exaggerate the problem.
  2. Assert yourself: Don’t be afraid to say “no” once in a while. Respectfully stand up for yourself.
  3. Stop smoking and other bad habits: Nicotine can bring on more stress symptoms.
  4. Exercise regularly: Exercising has been shown to release endorphins that make you feel happy and promote a positive attitude.
  5. Learn relaxation techniques: Make time to relax every day. Stress balls have been proven to release muscle tension and serve as a stress distraction. Keep one within reach on your desk.
  6. Take responsibility for the things you can control; let go of the rest.
  7. Reduce the cause of your stress. Ask for help when you can, set priorities, pace yourself and don’t forget to make time for you.
  8. Stick to your values. You’ll feel better when your actions reflect your beliefs.
  9. Set realistic goals: No one is 100 percent successful at everything.
  10. Do daily affirmations. Remind yourself of the things you do well. Give yourself the gift of self-esteem.
    — Source: Cleveland Clinic

Squeeze your stress away

varying shapes of stress balls collage

Totally Promotional recently introduced customized squishy balls. We have a variety of sizes, colors and shapes to coordinate with your business theme or special event. A good example of an appropriate match would be our Dice Stress Ball for a casino giveaway event.

Some of my favorite stress ball shapes are footballs, building blocks, dice, foamy mugs and tacos. We have something for everyone!

Note to management: Squeeze balls are great employee gifts! Not only do they help reduce stress in the workplace, a personalized stress ball gives your name and logo tons of exposure. Stress balls also are popular gifts for potential clients.

Take care of yourself

Don’t let on-the-job stress build into a major meltdown. Find a method that helps you handle whatever life (or your boss) throws your way. Your body and mind will thank you.


Shelley Grieshop is a former newspaper journalist who earned more than a dozen Associated Press awards for her in-depth research and writing skills. In May 2016, she joined Totally Promotional as a creative writer. She currently writes company blogs about branding, marketing, logos, wedding planning and much more. One of her life goals is to teach people when to use hyphens and apostrophes.


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