Branding/Business Covid 19 Tips

How to represent your business in a video conference from home

Brand Awareness in Video Calls

Video conference meetings from home with Google Meet or other platforms are a great opportunity to showcase your business.

We highly recommend — while navigating the current COVID-19 pandemic — that businesses find affordable ways to brand themselves while connecting remotely with customers, clients or members of their team.

Just because your new office setting has chatty kids and a hyper dog doesn’t mean you can’t professionally promote your company, products and services. Here are a few suggestions:

Wear branded clothing

You have to get dressed anyway (and please put on pants!) so why not wear a customized polo shirt or hat with your company logo? It’s a great way to get your name in front of prospective clients or vendors.

Add product placement

While your client discusses his warehouse needs, sip a luscious latte from a ceramic mug printed with your company’s name. Not a coffee lover? Wrap your energy drink in a customized slim can cooler that bears your logo. Other personalized items to keep on your desk: Sport bottles, coasters, pens, stress balls and chargers.

Promotional products are affordable and available in low minimums, which make them ideal marketing tools for remote employees.

Control your background

You’re wearing suitable office attire and remembered to comb your hair. Super! But what about that area behind you? Don’t let a quirky portrait or crack in the wall distract your video audience. Hang a custom banner in the background to promote your company logo, message or tagline. Add an image that tells your story. You’ll find lots of sizes, materials and hanging options available.

Keep product samples handy

If your company sells products like ours does, it’s wise to have a few of your most popular items nearby. Of course, this depends on the size of your products and the amount of space you have near your desk. If you’re selling car tires, skip this section! But if you are a retailer of jewelry, dishware or other smaller products, keep a few within arm’s reach.

Don’t stop branding!

No one knows how long COVID-19 will disrupt our normal business routines. Some companies may opt to keep employees permanently working from home via Zoom Meetings. But no matter how this all plays out, continue to promote your name and logo whenever possible to ensure your company’s future.

Add max exposure to your meeting agenda!

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