When planning your wedding, it’s important to think outside the box and find new ways to stay on budget. One way to do that is by using wedding paper cups instead of other types of drinkware.

If you’re looking to save some cash and add a personal touch, customized paper cups are the way to go!

The big benefits of paper wedding cups

personalized wedding paper cups

Custom paper coffee cups for your wedding have many qualities that make them perfect for your special day! Here are a few to consider:


Paper cups can make your celebration even more unique and memorable with your names and wedding date on the front.

Many of our custom wedding paper cups include a free, second-side imprint. Choose quicker production times on select styles if you need them soon or are planning a short timeline.

Bulk pricing

You can buy disposable paper cups for weddings in bulk for a big discount. This can save you a lot of money and free up extra cash for those dream wedding ideas!

If you’re looking to cut costs so you can extend your honeymoon or hire a better photographer, cute wedding paper cups are your answer.

Add flair to your venue

Paper cups with a saying or design can also serve as decorations for dinner tables at your reception. Bartenders can use them for mixed drinks, so your design is seen everywhere in the reception hall.

Keep your look consistent by matching the color and design of your custom paper cups with personalized wedding napkins.

Leak-free lining

Paper cups are lined with waterproofing to hold drinks without getting soggy. Your guests can enjoy their drinks all night long without worrying about messes!


You can use fancy paper cups for weddings whether you serve hot or cold drinks. Consider choosing cups with or without lids depending on your drink selection.

Custom wedding cups come in a variety of sizes to fit everyone’s favorite beverages. Smaller sizes such as our 8 oz. Wedding Paper Cups With Lids are perfect for young guests.

Paper cups can also be used for serving ice cream and other treats such as Hershey’s Kisses® and other bulk chocolate favors. They are also a great addition to wedding candy buffets.

Are paper cups better than plastic?

are paper cups better than plastic

Paper and plastic wedding cups are both great options for weddings. Each has their own benefits.

Plastic cups are more durable; your guests can use them as souvenirs for years afterward.

Paper wedding cups are disposable and inexpensive. You don’t have to clean them after use and the cost savings can be significant.

6 custom paper coffee cups for weddings

All of our wedding drinkware is measured to the brim. A 12 oz. beverage, for example, will fit best in a 16 oz. cup. Be sure to grab the next size up for your drinks!

1. 12 oz. Wedding Paper Cups With Lids

customized 12 oz. wedding paper cups with lids

Put these sturdy cups next to your coffee or hot chocolate bar! Each one comes with a sip-through lid that is perfect for warm beverages.

2. 8 oz. Wedding Paper Cups With Lids

customized 8 oz. wedding paper cups with lids

Keep your drinks at the right temperature during your celebration with cute wedding paper cups! The 8 oz. size is perfect for cocktail hour.

3. 12 oz. Wedding Paper Cups

customized 12 oz. wedding paper cups

Avoid shattered glass by ordering paper cups instead! You even get a free second-side imprint on this made-in-the-USA cup.

4. 16 oz. Wedding Paper Cups

customized 16 oz. wedding paper cups

These tall cups will fit most drinks for your friends and relatives. Leftover cups can be taken home by guests as a reminder of your celebration or used at future parties.

5. 16 oz. Wedding Paper Cups With Lids

customized 16 oz. wedding paper cups with lids

Prevent party fouls on the dance floor with lidded cups! You can make them uniquely your own with the many templates and imprint colors we offer.

6. 8 oz. Wedding Paper Cups

customized 8 oz. wedding paper cups

Use these custom paper cups to deck out your snack bar! You could also fill them with personalized favors such as wedding can coolers to greet guests when they arrive.

Additional ideas to save you money

Looking for other ways to stay on budget? We’re on it!

Here are a few cost-saving tips for you to consider:

  • Find fun and unique décor for your tables at thrift or dollar stores. Dishes can also be thrifted.
  • Order flowers that are in season for your bouquets or find good artificial versions. If you are using a florist, ask for plastic vases.
  • Get a small cake to cut and give your guests sheet cake or another low-cost dessert.
  • Do all your save-the-date and invitation printing at once to save on fees and shipping. Once you have them, get your wedding party crew together to help address them! Reward them with Gourmet Confections 4 Delights Gift Boxes and drinks while they work.
  • Jewelry can be super expensive, especially if you want something unique to accent your wedding dress. Use custom jewelry or rent pieces online.
  • Serve fancy drinks during cocktail hour and switch to a more modest selection afterward.
  • Choose a less expensive menu for children if they are invited. They likely will enjoy it more than fancy cuisine.
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