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Inexpensive graduation party ideas for last-minute planners!

Grad Party Cups

Ohio winters are notoriously unpredictable. I am currently wearing my unofficial meteorologist hat and proclaiming 2018 as the longest winter in Ohio history ever (probably not, but it feels that way).

Life is unpredictable much like the weather. One day it’s mid-April and snowing — the next it’s late May and graduation season is knocking on your front door. (This is not a drill. Your in-laws have arrived and are expecting to be dazzled by a lavish party spread.)

If your life is as unpredictable as the changing seasons and party planning has fallen by the wayside, we offer you a call to action: Start your party planning today!

It’s in the inexpensive details

A tight budget only adds fuel to the fire during last-minute party planning. Remain calm! The Internet is filled with DIY projects for thrifty individuals on a deadline. Our School Graduation Inspiration Pinterest Board is a great first stop on your inexpensive party-planning adventure!

Here is our idea for a nearly effortless flower table centerpiece. Adding live plants to your party decor will bring new life to the celebration and give your guests a fun parting gift!

To create:Inexpensive graduation party centerpieces

  1. Purchase cups
  2. Buy beautiful pre-potted flowers
  3. Insert soil and flowers into your cups
  4. Place on tables and give your party guests the impression you have a marvelous green thumb (we won’t tell if you don’t!)

Our personalized stadium cups and other graduation party supplies and favors are a budget-friendly option when large quantities are needed.

Applaud a banner year

Graduation Banner

If you have a few extra dollars to spend, a Totally Promotional party banner is an inexpensive option that can make a big impact. We can help you customize size, color and graphics for indoor or outdoor celebrations. Rush production and delivery options are available if you need a banner in a hurry!

Food in a time crunch

Inexpensive Graduation Party Treats

Photo/Recipe Credit: Sugar & Soul Co

A time-efficient trick for delicious treats in a hurry is avoiding the oven all together. I found a goof-proof No Bake Cap’n Treats recipe that is as inexpensive to prepare as it is satisfying! Three ingredients and 10 minutes later, you will have a dessert worthy of marking a major milestone.

Authors note: Spread melted peanut butter or chocolate as a top layer on your treats to make them a signature dish!

Advice for feeding a crowd: Lille Punkin, an online family blog, offers inexpensive spending tips. Before deciding between a la carte or buffet-style food service, get tips from the website’s founder, Linsey B. Knerl, on how to feed 100 guests for only $125.

Celebrate you, too

You are a parent or guardian … a spouse or a best friend. If you are reading this blog, you have most likely sacrificed time, energy and personal needs to watch your loved one achieve his or her goal. Your heart is just as invested in this milestone as the graduate! Be sure to take a few moments out of the big day to ground yourself and stay present. Snap pictures and smile as much as possible! You deserve to be celebrated, too!

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