Need custom golf items for your team or merch for your shop? We’ve got a huge selection of unique gifts for golfers, golf tournament prizes and golf-themed giveaways that won’t disappoint!

Golf is one of the fastest growing sports in the country. That is why gifts for golf lovers are a big thing these days. Placing your business logo on golf gifts is sure to drive branding opportunities your way.

Let me introduce you to our amazing line of cool gifts for golfers. From polo shirts to golf towels, we’ve got something for everyone in every price range.

Why golf’s popularity is growing

The interest in golf — particularly among women — has steadily grown in recent years for several reasons.

Swinging golf clubs outside on a sunny day with friends is relaxing. Who could pass that up? Some call it a vacation on the greens: fresh air, camaraderie and competition.

Youth are often introduced to the sport in high school and take their passion for golf with them into adulthood. If student-athletes are good enough, golf can become a career or an avenue to cut college costs through scholarships.

Today there are thousands of golfers who have never ventured outdoors to play the game. Golf simulators, indoor driving ranges and golf-themed video games make the sport doable for many. Some golf enthusiasts prefer these virtual games to avoid pricey green fees. They also value the opportunity to play in any weather.

Clearly, tech advances have made golf enticing to new groups of people and ultimately contributed to its rising popularity.

Who needs personalized golf gifts?

customized golf pencils with a scorecard in a golf cart

You might be surprised by the many organizations, businesses and individuals who order unique gifts for golfers. Some aren’t even sports fans; they just enjoy the benefits of using custom golf gifts.

Most of our customers use our funny gifts for golfers and other golf-related giveaways to market their business.

Here are practical ways to use customized gifts for golfers:

  • Performance shirts for high school golf athletes
  • Merchandise to sell at a golf club house
  • Promotional items for golf associations
  • Gifts and awards at golf tournaments
  • Branding items for golf equipment stores
  • Prizes for putt-putt golf businesses
  • Client gifts from golf vendors
  • Swag items for golf fundraisers
  • Awards for corporate golf teams

Customized merch with a school’s crest or a special message can be used as giveaways at tournaments, team meetings and competitions. Never underestimate the power of unity among your golf members. Wearing team T-shirts and hats with your logo increases pride and loyalty among players. That, in turn, encourages a healthy dose of team spirit.

Golf course managers can use branded merchandise such as golf balls and divot tools to take their marketing efforts up a notch. Investing in custom golf accessories is one of the most effective ways of promoting golf club membership.

Gifts for golfers who have everything

man with golf clubs and a golf cart wearing customized apparel

What do you get someone obsessed with golf? Totally Promotional has the golf gifts you want for swag bags, awards and branding. From golf balls to divot tools, we’ve got it all! Take a look at this extensive list of gifts for golf lovers:

Best gifts for golfers | Budget-friendly golf gifts under $3 each

Best gifts for golfers | Team golf gifts

Best gifts for golfers | High-end client golf gifts

Golf gifts improve branding

man playing golf with a customized ball marker on his hat

Customizing promotional golf items with your name and logo are an effective marketing strategy for improving brand recognition. It’s also a fast, low-cost way to establish your business within the community and beyond.

Customized golf items create a unique identity for your organization. You become “that business” — the generous company everyone remembers in a positive light for giving them useful, free stuff.

Having the right promotional items to give away can help promote your brand while offering something golfers can relate to and appreciate. Customized promotional golf gear lets you deliver a memorable and personalized experience while building a strong, consistent brand that stands out.

During golf tournaments or other local events, unique gifts for golfers will draw attention and make an impression on potential customers — a huge bonus when looking to build lasting relationships.

Tee-off with promotional golf gifts

placing a customized golf ball on a customized golf tee

Don’t wait until the last minute to hunt for gifts to please your golfers and fans. We have an outstanding selection at competitive prices, ensuring you get fantastic gifts everyone will love.

Ready to get started? Order now so you can have those tee-time gifts for golfers when you need them!

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