Duck Duck Jeep, also known as Jeep Ducking, has turned beloved bath toys into symbols of kindness.

The jeep ducking craze began in 2020 and has gained steam ever since. Have you wondered why jeep dashboards are often filled with custom rubber ducks? Well, I’m going to tell you the story and show you how to join the fun!

What is jeep ducking?

customizable rubber ducks for jeeps

Jeep ducking is an act of kindness shown by placing small, rubber ducks on other people’s jeeps. The basic purpose is to spread joy, show recognition and admiration, and promote unity among jeep owners.

What a wonderful idea, especially in today’s crazy world!

Some people carry bulk rubber ducks in their vehicles to place on jeeps they admire. Others leave them on classic models they would like to own or take for a cruise. Often jeep owners put ducks on jeeps that are exactly like their own!

Did you know? A flock of ducks on a jeep dashboard is called a Duck Pond.

Jeep Community

How did jeep ducking start?

The ducks and jeep tradition began in 2020 when a woman tried to overcome a frightening experience while traveling from Alabama to Canada.

Allison Parliament, a dual U.S. and Canadian citizen, was the victim of a verbal and physical assault by another driver at a gas station in Ontario. The incident reportedly shook her to the core.

Later that day, Parliament decided to change her mood and brighten someone else’s day. She wrote a sweet note and left a rubber ducky on a Jeep she admired. That momentous occasion became “Duck Day” and the start of a trend that continues globally.

Parliament was asked to become the BFGoodrich Ambassador and now travels to Jeep events all over the country to discuss the Duck Duck Jeep movement. She also manages an official Ducking Jeep Facebook page, a private group for members only.

What are the rules for jeep ducking?

customizable rubber duck with wings for jeeps

Duck Duck Jeep rules are fairly simple say members. They are designed to preserve the goal of spreading smiles.

Duck Duck Jeep rules

size difference for custom rubber ducks
  • While placing rubber duck toys on other vehicles you must be polite and noninvasive.
  • Do not place bulk rubber ducks inside anyone’s jeep. Personalized rubber ducks can be placed outside a jeep on top of side mirrors, on door handles, the hood or bumpers and fenders.
  • Drivers must be able to immediately see the duck gift when approaching their vehicle.
  • Most ducks left on jeeps are yellow because words written or printed on them are more visible.
  • Although jeep ducks are typically left on Chrysler brand Jeeps, it’s OK to place them on similar models such as the Ford Bronco or Toyota 4Runner. Drivers have even begun leaving rubber duckies on cars they love!
  • Anyone gifted with a rubber ducky can keep it for their own collection or pass it on to another Jeep owner.

Duckers often keep ducks and markers in their vehicles in case they come across a sweet ride they’d like to acknowledge. Jeep admirers sometimes write sayings directly on the ducks such as “You’ve been ducked!” Others leave notes with the 2- or 3-inch rubber ducks.

Rubber ducks for jeeps can also be personalized at Totally Promotional with phrases like “A quack’n good ride!” or “#duckduckjeep.” Using customized rubber duckies makes Jeep Ducking quicker and more discreet.

Where do you get the ducks to put on jeeps?

woman holding customizable rubber ducks for jeep ducking

Numerous places from dollar stores to box retailers started selling rubber ducks when jeep ducking became popular. Prices are all over the place depending on the quality, seller and profit margins.

You can save yourself time and money by ordering bulk rubber ducks with printed messages. We have super cute Lil’ Rubber Ducks for less than $1 each when purchasing 150. Just select the color and message you want printed and you’ll be stocked and ready to go!

Custom jeep ducks expose your brand

promotional rubber duck with a custom message for jeep owners

Jeep ducks are smart marketing tools for just about any business or organization. Think of all the places your company logo will go when riding in the Duck Pond of a jeep. You’ll receive phenomenal mass exposure of your brand. You lucky duck!

Small rubber ducks are also being used as rewards for achievements by young swimmers. They are given out by marinas for boat competitions and make great giveways at all types of trade shows.

Our selection of custom rubber ducks at Totally Promotional is diverse and continues to grow. Check out our popular Matte Rubber Ducks, Duck Keychains and fun styles such as our Water Color Changing Rubber Ducks!

Some of our bestselling ducks include:

Don’t get your feathers ruffled! You’ll have no problem finding the perfect duck characters to properly represent your brand.

Select your favorites from more than a dozen colors in durable PVC plastic. You also have a choice of one-color or full-color imprints to make a big splash!

Spread the jeep badge of honor wherever you go and order your jeep ducks today!

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