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Match the Mushy Movie Love Quotes — printable bridal shower game

Printable Bridal Shower Game-Match The Mushy Movie Love Quotes

Keep guests intrigued with a bridal shower game featuring romantic movie quotes.

One of the top classic games for wedding showers this year uses popular quotes from romantic films. The idea for this fun and easy game is to match the quotes with the movies. I suggest using a variety of flicks from old classics to recent blockbusters to even the playing field for guests of all ages.

Since you’ve probably got plenty on your plate right now, here is a FREE printable bridal shower game with movie quotes for your party:

Match the Mushy Movie Love Quotes

Free Printable Bridal Shower Game - movie quotes
Answers to the Match the Mushy Movie Quotes game: 1. F; 2. H; 3. J; 4. I; 5. B; 6. A; 7. E; 8. C; 9. G; 10. D.
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Extra tips for a truly unique bridal shower

bridal shower favors

Don’t make your bridal shower a carbon copy of your sister’s or best friend’s. Even if your colors and theme are similar, you can flaunt your unique personality by customizing a few party essentials. Here are some ideas:

  • Hand each guest a custom pen to play the bridal shower game. Giving everyone their own wedding shower pen as a party favor can help reduce the spread of germs.
  • Award correct answers with prizes such as personalized sunglasses and custom coffee mugs.
  • Use customized cocktail napkins to serve appetizers and other snacks. Our beautiful foil-stamped designs will upgrade your party to a classy affair!
  • Supply your guests with personalized tote bags they can fill with favors, specialty desserts or other surprises to take home.
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