What are Neoprene Koozies®? – Neoprene Can Cooler 101

What is a koozie

What are neoprene koozies®?  How are they different from standard foam can coolers?

Can Cooler comparisons

What is a koozie® made of?

Standard collapsible foam koozies® are usually made of polyurethane foam, while neoprene can coolers are made of wetsuit material. Neoprene Koozies® are high-quality can insulators. Neoprene can coolers are very similar to collapsible foam can coolers in style and shape. However, neoprene is more durable, flexible and a better insulator than standard foam material. The neoprene material feels great in your hand and will quickly become a favorite in any can cooler collection.

Neoprene Can Cooler Comparison

Above is our neoprene can cooler on the right and our premium foam collapsible can cooler on the left. They look almost identical but have some substantial differences.

What are neoprene can coolers

Left image: Neoprene can cooler on the left and foam can cooler on the right. Right image: Neoprene can cooler on the right and foam can cooler on the left.

Subtle differences

In the images above you can see the difference in the thickness of the two materials. The neoprene material is not as porous or thick as the foam type. Our neoprene can coolers are made of 3mm-thick neoprene wet-suit material; our foam can coolers are constructed with an an elite 4mm polyurethane foam. Although they aren’t as thick, our neoprene can coolers offer better insulation and are slightly more expensive than our foam can coolers.

Neoprene and Foam Side View

Another major difference between these two is the unique zig-zag stitching on each side of our neoprene can coolers (shown at right in the above image). This gives our neoprene can coolers added durability. The result is a tighter fit on your can or beverage, ensuring that it is securely “hugged.”

What are neoprene can coolers

Lots of options

Our neoprene and foam can coolers are both made with high-quality materials and available in many product colors and imprint options to coordinate any color scheme. We have full color koozies to help you make a big splash!

If you are unsure which can cooler to select, request a sample from our customer service team.

All of our can coolers are easy to customize to promote and advertise your company, business, wedding or event. Choose a specialty style if you serve slim cans or solo cups. Neoprene and foam koozies® are great giveaway items that your guests or clients will hang on to for the long run.

What is your favorite type of Koozie® to give or receive? Let us know in the comments!

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