Please give a hearty welcome to our amazing new can cooler colors!

These nine swank hues give Totally Promotional’s premium foam can coolers a flirty and sophisticated flair. It’s easy to make a big splash when your logo or message is printed on these beautiful colors.

Be the first to introduce our new can cooler colors at your wedding, anniversary celebration or other special events!

9 new can cooler colors

  1. Pantone 1235 C Can CoolersAthletic Gold (Pantone 1235 C): Gold has been used as a primary color for sports teams since the 1800s, but its value and presence go beyond athletics. It is often associated with extravagance, cheerfulness, compassion and wisdom.Pantone 7607 C Can Coolers
  2. Rust (Pantone 7607 C): Our very popular reddish-brown tone is accurately described as earthy yet refined. The color Rust goes hand-in-hand with feelings of happiness, energy and stability.Pantone 5565 C Can Coolers
  3. Willow Green (Pantone 5565 C): Willow Green is a cousin of the color green and offers a slight olive hue. It is associated with strength, harmony and the breaking of barriers.Pantone 2158 C Can Coolers
  4. Steel Blue (Pantone 2158 C): This blue-grey hue resembles the color of steel after it is subjected to bluing for rust protection. Steel Blue reflects elegance, class and a feeling of timelessness.
    Pantone 7466 C Can Coolers
  5. Turquoise (Pantone 7466 C): This blue-green blend is a warm and calming color. It is often associated with Native Americans and the Southwestern region of the U.S. Turquoise means creativity, energy, joy and friendship.Pantone 201 C Can Coolers
  6. Bubble Gum (Pantone 210 C): Pink is the color of happiness. It conjures up images of cotton candy and girly ribbons. The color Bubble Gum inspires love, tranquility and womanliness.Pantone 2071 C Can Coolers
  7. Lavender (Pantone 2071 C): Blue and red partner to make this member of the purple family. Lavender is often used in bridal bouquets to promote beauty and femininity.Pantone 5285 C Can Coolers
  8. Lilac Gray (Pantone 5285 C): This pale violet color offers a whisper of gray and works well in any season due to its neutral tone. Lilac Gray is a perfect match with Rose Quartz and other light, breezy colors. Think soft, calming and dreamy.Pantone 526 C Can Coolers
  9. Grape (Pantone 526 C): The color Grape exposes the fiery combination of purple and red. It represents wealth and dignity, peace and independence.

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Choose one of these gorgeous new colors to create can coolers for guests, fundraisers and trade shows. We also have nearly 50 other can cooler colors and dozens of design templates to use. You also have the option of sending us your own artwork. Free standard delivery is offered on many of our can coolers. Rush production is available if needed.

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