Why you need promotional products to recruit club members

recruit new club members with promo products

With all the school activities available to students today it’s crucial to find unique ideas to attract new members to your club.

New faces bring fresh ideas and keep memberships strong. So what can you do to recruit new club members? Create awareness of your club’s value and offer incentives.

Promo products advertise for you

club recruitment products

One of the most affordable tools for building school club memberships is custom promotional products. With so many different products available at Totally Promotional, it’s easy to find swag that fits your budget and relates to your organization. Simply let our experts personalize high-quality products with your club name, logo and colors to distribute at public events. Promotional products also make great gifts for new signups.

Robotics club creates awareness with promo items

Club Promotional Products Display

A high school robotics club in Ohio increased exposure and support by using promotional products.

Like any company or organization would, we had to get our name and brand out into the public so others knew we existed.

Jared Ebbing, a robotics club advisor at Coldwater (Ohio) High School

The Coldwater (Ohio) High School First Tech Challenge Robotics Team was established less than three years ago to teach students important skills such as team collaboration and problem-solving. The team initially consisted of nine students. Today there are more than 30 students involved. The youth design, build, program and operate robots to compete with other clubs.

orange mini tote bags

As a fairly new organization at the school, it was important early on to raise awareness about it.

“Like any company or organization would, we had to get our name and brand out into the public so others knew we existed,” explained one of the club’s advisors, Jared Ebbing.

Robotics, an extension of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), is new to many schools across the country. The founding members at CHS hosted STEM/Robotics nights and an open house to introduce the club to students and the community.

“We wanted to raise interest and awareness to the opportunities these kinds of activities present for younger kids,” Ebbing said.

club promotional products

The group used retractable banner stands from Totally Promotional to introduce their “We Will Bot You” message and to thank sponsors for their support. The team also distributed personalized giveaway items such as pens, magnetic clips, tote bags and water bottles during public events to boost awareness.

Ebbing said working with Totally Promotional was a “great experience for the team.” The partnership and interaction taught the students various life skills such as public speaking, marketing and outreach.

school club recruitment gifts

Membership drive ideas

Here are some ideas to help you successfully recruit new people to your debate team, drama club or any organization that needs a boost in membership.

  • Host an open house.
  • Ask each member to bring a non-member to the next meeting.
  • Award current members for signing up new recruits. Suggested gifts are customized keychains, koozies®, flying discs and sunglasses. Using personalized items ensures continued exposure of your group.
  • Welcome new members with a drawstring bag filled with your club’s mission statement, history, a membership pin and calendar of upcoming events.
  • Plan free breakfasts or lunches with anyone interested in joining.
  • Ask current members to speak at school board meetings or other public events to discuss the club.
  • Set aside special days to wear customized apparel with the club’s name and logo.
  • Publish a club newsletter online and send out links via emails and text.
  • Publicize the club’s activities and accomplishments on your website and in local media.
  • Do periodical giveaways with low-cost customized products at sporting events. A popular choice is stress balls in the shapes of footballs and other athletic equipment.
  • Volunteer as a club for school and community service.
  • Encourage current members to use word of mouth to promote the club.
  • Man a booth at local fairs and festivals to explain your club’s mission and activities.
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Make sure you have all the tools and incentives you’ll need throughout the year for your club recruiting efforts. Browse the many items at Totally Promotional to kick off your campaign!

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