Smart real estate agents show their appreciation to clients with gifts that promote future sales.

Real estate agent giveaways are a sweet gesture, for sure. But they are also great branding tools, especially customized items that advertise your business for months or years.

Some agents hand out real estate promotional items when showing a property or at closing. Others surprise clients after a successful open house. Anytime is a good time to show gratitude, advertise your services and generate more sales!

By maintaining contact, there’s a good chance of representing (clients) in the future.

Morgan Taylor of LetMeBank
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Giving a new property owner a gift printed with your name, contact information or a catchy slogan is a brilliant marketing strategy. Why? According to the National Association of Realtors, people move to a new home about every 10 years. So, it’s likely your previous clients will need your services again at some point.

Realtors are one of the top buyers of promotional products. Here are some of the most popular giveaways they use:

Top real estate promotional items

Choose Realtor giveaways that fit

The best real estate agent giveaways are the ones that work for you! The decision often comes down to demographics and population. What makes clients happy in Ohio may not work in California, and vice versa.

Jennifer Murtland of Team Synergi, a real estate team in Cincinnati, Ohio, and Northern Kentucky, strongly believes in gifts with a personal touch.

“We find that the best promotional gifts are the ones that are tailored for the person,” Murtland said. “For example, we sent a client their favorite bottle of wine and some Reese’s (Peanut Butter) Cups.”

Tip: Place multiple gifts such as wine, custom candy and gift cards in a treat bag printed with your logo to beef up branding.

Jennifer Okhovat, a realtor with Compass in Los Angeles, also has achieved good results with promotional products.

“Some of the best promotional items I have had luck with are branded water bottles and doormats, ” she said, adding she gives them away at open houses.

Okhovat said she knows Realtors who use custom pens, pop sockets, logo mugs and branded totes for marketing.

Jesse Sheldon, director of operations and a broker for Gordy Marks Real Estate, said a gift of comfort is well-received by clients in the Seattle, Wash., area.

“My current favorite giveaway is this soft blanket with minimal branding,” Sheldon said. “We had a small tag with our logo sewn on so that it would still be connected to us and our brand, but subtle enough so they would keep it around.”

Morgan Taylor, the CMO and financial advisor for LetMeBank, suggests sending new property owners a thank-you card with a gift certificate to a local restaurant. She also recommends mailing an anniversary card to clients after their first year in a new home.

“By maintaining contact, there’s a good chance of representing (clients) in the future,” Taylor added.

Promotional products are Realtors’ key to success

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Customized promotional items can help you make a good impression, keep your name in front of clients and reach new customers.

Now that you’re armed with inspiration, shop for promotional products to give your real estate business a healthy, marketing boost!

Show your House-pitality with promo items!

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