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How to create a rustic wedding favors display

Rustic Wedding Favors

How about a quick and easy rustic wedding favors display to show off your can coolers? Follow our simple step-by-step guide:



Rustic Wedding Favor Supplies

  1. Find a wooden crate to hold your can coolers. We found this wine crate at a local HomeGoods store. These also can be found at most craft stores.
  2. Print “Take One” on individual pieces of lightweight cardstock (we suggest 90# white cardstock).
    Take One Favor Printable Sign
  3. Cut out the individual letters.
    Favor Display
  4. Use a hole punch to create two holes at the top of each letter card.
  5. Cut a piece of twine 48 inches long.
    Wedding Favors Details
  6. Thread the twine through the two holes in each letter card.
    Rustic Favors Display Detail
  7. Tie one side of the twine to one side of the crate
    Rustic Wedding Favor Display - unfilled
  8. Tie the other side to the opposite side of the crate, letting the banner drape in the middle. You may need to adjust the cards to make them even.
    Rustic Wedding Favors Display Finished
  9. Insert your can coolers into your crate.

Now you have your very own rustic can cooler display! Use this display at the bar, the sign-in table or wherever drinks are being served! Enjoy!

Share your creativity

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