Finding the right soccer team names is like a free kick to a slow-moving goalie. Score!

Nothing gets a team more fired up than a name that unites their spirit. Before choosing T-shirts for youth, high school or weekend athletes, browse this list of soccer team names to hack or inspire.

Soccer names to motivate your crew

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Let’s start with some intimidating names for the trash-talking, competitive players. Then we’ll work our way into the funny stuff:

No-fear names for soccer teams

  • Match Maniacs
  • Dribbling Dream Crushers
  • Bustin’ Ours. Kickin’ Yours.
  • Winning Warriors
  • Refuse to Lose
  • Soccer Shockers
  • Goalpost Stalkers
  • We Got Goals
  • Defender Surrender
  • Lob Leaders
  • Fire on the Field
  • Feisty Females
  • Fancy Feet
  • A Kick in the Grass
  • Refuse to Lose
  • Witness the Fitness
  • De-Feeters
  • Bone Crushers
  • Badditude
  • Burn Notice
  • 2Good4U
  • No Yield on the Field
  • Possession Aggression

Funny soccer team names

  • Socceroos
  • Turf Queens/Kings
  • Goalbusters!
  • Kicks R Us
  • Chafing the Dream
  • #Hereforthebeer
  • Sweaty Socks
  • Just For Kicks
  • League Fatigue
  • Goal Diggers
  • Run Like the Winded
  • Out of Bounds Clowns
  • We Showed Up
  • Penalty Box Heroes
  • Dribbling Divas
  • Speed Bumps
  • Chicks With Kicks
  • Scores Galore
  • Win or Lose, We Booze
  • Soccerholics
  • Look Ma, No Hands
  • Happy Feet
  • Grass Stains
  • Two Left Feet
  • Fine on the Sideline
  • Dizzy Dribblers
  • Intentional Foulers

Place your favorite soccer team names on low-cost T-shirts and get kickin’!

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