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Summer Wedding Colors: Top 5 of 2015

Summer’s right around the corner, and we all know what that means…

Wedding season!

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Lately, I’ve been loving the latest trends when it comes to themes and color schemes. Everything bright and fresh is in. I went ahead and narrowed it down to my (I must emphasize that these opinions are my own, and that is all) absolute top 5 color pairings for summer wedding colors. Here we go!

Summer Wedding Colors: What’s Hot

1. Teal and Tangerine

This pair might sound odd at first, but once you see it, I swear you’ll be sold. It’s gorgeous, and perfect for a summer wedding. It works for destination weddings especially, and I loved the photos from this particular beach wedding on (the page for this specific wedding is no longer on their site, but you can find the pin on our Totally Promotional Summer Wedding Inspiration Board!)

summer wedding colors idea

Image Credit:

Check out this template used on our teal can coolers – they would fit in so well with this theme! If you are interested in this template artwork – or any summer design that we have on today’s blog, visit our Summer Seasonal Designs page of our website!


2. Fresh Green and White

This pair is almost the definition of summer, and perfect for the environmentally conscious couple (or maybe if you just like the color green)! This pair goes really well with brown and tan accents as well. That color combination gives off a really natural feel that your guests will love. Below is a photo that displays how well our can fit with these summer wedding colors.


This amazing flower arrangement is exactly why I love this color combo so much. It’s simple, sophisticated, and stylish. This entire wedding is so elegant, and these summer wedding colors really get the job done right. More photos from this outdoor wedding can be found at!

summer wedding colors idea

Image Credit: Andie Freeman Photography

3. Marsala and Blush

With marsala being named Pantone’s Color of the Year 2015, you can’t go wrong! It’s a timeless look that can really be used year round, but fits well with blush for spring and summer months. Below is a nothing short of beautiful example of the marsala and blush combination, I found this photo and others at

summer wedding colors idea

Image Credit: Christa Elyce Photography

If you didn’t already know, you can also buy printed napkins on our online store, Totally Promotional (click the link to be taken to the napkins page!), where we have a number of designs specified for weddings (click here to be taken to the wedding artwork page)!


4. Yellow and Grey

Any shade of yellow and grey look great together, but I love it even more when the yellow is bold and bright. I also loved yellow paired with a bright blue, but I had to pick just one! Here’s one more example from that is perfectly suited for all wedding favor needs.


Take a look at this splendid bouquet arrangement that I found at The grey and yellows compliment each other so well, which makes it pop! The leafy green accent also brings out each shade as well.

summer wedding colors idea

Image Credit: The Perfect Palette (unspecified photographer)

5. Cobalt Blue and Aqua

Cobalt and aqua pair so well, especially for someone looking for a vibrant look.  Throw in some green and purple accents and it’s absolutely stunning. Check out this beautiful bouquet that I found on!

summer wedding colors idea

Image Credit: Cariad Photography

Again, these colors with accents of purple and green look great, as you can see in our picture below featuring more of our wedding napkin templates.


I hope you enjoyed this short list I put together, and let me know if you have any other recent favorites. As always, I’d love to hear your input!


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