Small business owners need to show some love to the loyal customers who come through their doors. Supporting small businesses keeps communities fiscally sound.

It’s important to reward your devoted customers and impress new ones. Your customers, after all, are the lifeblood of your business.

Ways to thank customers for their support

thank you promotional items

Here are a few easy and affordable ways to thank customers for supporting small businesses like yours:

Hand out free “thank-you” giveaways with every purchase

I’m talking about small, budget-friendly items that you can easily store and access. Choosing customized giveaways that align with your products or services is a savvy marketing technique. For example, a cellphone store could distribute custom phone wallets printed with their logo and contact information.

Below is an exclusive “thank-you” template you can place on your customer giveaways. Click on the image to save the file to your computer or device. Then simply upload the file and your logo to us after choosing your product(s) online and we’ll create your giveaways!

thank you template

Host monthly or quarterly prize drawings

Call it your Customer Appreciation Contest, Salute Our Clients Awards or anything you want! Publicize the drawings on social media with entries awarded for those who like and share your post. (Great way to expand your following!)

Encourage contest entries in-store, also. Prizes can be gift cards, customized gifts or whatever your budget allows. Customers will remember your gratitude and generous nature.

Give your loyal customers a special treat

Every small business has a few customers who stay loyal through thick and thin. They may even be the reason you’ve reached a special milestone. Take one week out of the year to surprise them with a small tray of custom cookies or flowers from an area florist.

Send sweet birthday wishes

Ask customers to join your birthday club to receive a “happy birthday” note and an exclusive store discount on their special day. Be sure to personalize the greeting with their name to avoid the appearance of mass automation.

Besides keeping in touch, this is a great way to build a customer database for marketing all year long.

Host on-site classes

Educating customers on topics related to your business is a natural step and a proven success for many store owners.

First of all, it gets traffic to your store; that’s always a plus. People are more likely to revisit your business when they’re familiar with you and your layout.

Secondly, this is an excellent way to directly introduce your products and services. An example might be a marketing agency offering an introduction to social media. Use customer feedback to find out what they are most interested in learning.

Create an online FAQ channel

Encourage customers to submit questions about your business, products, services or anything related to your company in a live chat or separate section of your website.

Customers love businesses that are available to answer their questions before AND after the sale. This is also a perfect time for your staff to mention new items.

Support small businesses that support you

Do you have a neighboring business that frequently orders from your coffee shop? Give them a shout-out on social media for a recent award, store renovation or new product.

Growing your circle of friends and contacts is always good for business.

thank you bottle opener

Supporting small businesses is crucial

Customers have a choice. They can patronize your small business or a box store down the street. So, give yourself an edge with customized promotional products or try one of the other suggestions above.

Treating your customers with kindness will keep them coming back!

Show your gratitude with promo items!

Written by our experts for you!


  1. Will Shewalter Reply

    I need 50 koozie’s printed for a friend of mine. Black koozie’s printed on both sides. I have the artwork and can send that to you. I will also need a quote too.


    • Hello Will!
      Good to hear from you. We are ready to help you with your koozie order.
      Simply go to our koozie page and choose the style you want. Our easy online ordering process guides you through the entire process including how to submit your artwork.

      If you have any questions, feel free to Contact Us. Our staff will be happy to assist you!

      Thanks for reaching out to us.

      Shelley Grieshop
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